Valentines Day Card

Birth Of Valentines Card


There are many other theories related to Valentine’s Day. Some also believed that 14th February is associated with a pagan celebration called Lupercalia.


Offering card was not in trend until in 1415 Charles; duke of Orleans sent it to his wife, when he was imprisoned in tower of London after losing the battle.  It’s been said that he used to write long love verses to her wife expressing feelings how much he misses and loves her.


By 1723 the Valentine’s Day card was popular. Everyone started writing sonnets and verses for conveying the feelings. The hearts on the card are known as “the sacred heart” and the angels were called cupid through the inspiration of Greek god of the love called “Eros.”


Daguerreotype was being designed by Americans in 1840. Also, the photogenic process was surrounded by ornamental wreath. With the passage of time, “Mirror Valentine” came into existence where the small mirror was being placed in the centre of the card to reflect the appearance of recipient.


Later on the cards soon began being made in the factories. In the start they were available in black and white images but soon they were replaced by paper lace to find the right words in expressing the love.


The next times you receive the card on Valentine’s Day have a thought of knowing the history behind the birth of Valentines card.


How to make Valentine’s Card

Valentine’s Day is kicking soon on 14th Feb. People wait a lot to say I love you to one whom they like and want to propose. For your help we have brought here wonderful ideas of homemade Valentines day cards. They will definitely appreciate and understand your lovely efforts behind making your card. So here are the useful tips.

DIY valentine cards


What to write in Valentine’s Day card?


While Valentine’s Day around the corner, all you wish is to write something which will melt your beloved’s heart. But, not everyone can be poet. Moreover you don’t want to freak out someone you just started dating.  If you have been in relationship with somebody for a long time then a simple message might spoil the mood. Hence the trick is to be romantic but at the same time not to sound cheesy. If you are struggling to come up with an interesting idea, don’t get sadden. Scroll on to find out the perfect messages for your dear one. 


Funny and Sweet Message

Valentine’s Day is all about bringing a beaming smile on your beloved one’s face. And if you achieve it, you get some extra brownie points from him/her. At times you don’t want to romantic instead you want it to be funny, quirky and sweet. Therefore if you yearn for winning their heart use humour. For instance you can write pickup lines such as –

  • If I could rearrange the alphabets I would put “U “and “I “together.

  • On scale of 1 to 10 I will give you nine because I am the one you need.
  • Are you magician? Because whenever I look at you everything disappears.


Write love poem on novelty card

Nowadays being unconventional is the new trend. Thus, give your girlfriend or boyfriend something which will express your feelings in a witty manner. For that you can always go for novelty cards. Adding a simple message like “Happy valentine’s day” Or “I love you” will make it looks even more charming. Mind you, don’t use love poems. Keep it simple and let the card do its magic.


For a Fresh Relationship

First and foremost REMEMBER you are new to the relationship. Although erotic comments are funny but its best to avoid. You don’t want to make your partner uncomfortable, do you? Its the starting phase of your fresh relationship, you both are getting to know each other. Tell him/her how much you care without being too much serious.  Here are couple of ways you can convey your feelings.

  • Thank you for reminding me what butterflies feel like?

  • I am so happy to celebrate Valentine’s Day with you.
  • Your voice has become now my favourite sound.


For a Long Distance Relationship

You and your partner have been together since long time. But this valentine, both of you can’t be together. Both of you are managing long distance relationship.  But even if you are far away don’t let the distance create hurdle. You can still celebrate by remembering good times and memories of being together. Else, write down few quotes saying your feelings.

  • You are worth every mile between us.

  • I smile when I think about all the mornings and nights we are yet to share.


For a life partner (husband or wife)

Since you have captured your life partner’s heart, let him/her know how much you appreciate his presence being your side through thick and thin. You can approach by penning down your sentiments.

  • Every love story is beautiful but mine is our favourite. 
  • IN your eyes I found my home.
  • Our journey isn’t perfect but, I will be with you till end.


For the steady lover.

Valentine’s Day is the ideal day to declare your love to your long term boyfriend/girlfriend. Let them know how both you keen on getting old are holding hands with each other. Here are few ways you can sum up your emotions.


  • Each day is Valentine’s Day with you. And I wish to spend many more with you. 
  • You gave me infinity within number of days and I am so thankful for our little infinity.
  • My heart is perfect because you are inside it. 


If you are wondering what to write down on Valentine’s Day which will say your feelings then take a look at the above blog and make your Valentines filled with love, care and utmost affection.


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