Valentine Day Decoration

Valentine Day Decoration


How to do Valentine’s Decoration

Ready for Valentine party, start decor party place with our stress free easy homemade Valentine day ideas. Deck the party place with super easy tips of home decoration we have brought here for you.

Valentine Day Decoration

Valentine Day Garlands 

Valentine day GarlandsUse light red and pink papers and cut it into the medium sized heart shape. Glue it in one long pink ribbon. Your garland is ready to deck the Valentine party.

Valentine’s Day Photo Vase

Take a glass vase and insert the family photo or your bighearted photo. Your piece of art is ready to add sparks in party.

Rope Art for Perfect Valentine Night

Take 1cup floor, 1 cup cornstarch, glue and finally a rope. Mix all floor, cornstarch and glue and rope. If you wish you can also add red color into it. Now make a heart shape and let it dry on card paper for 24 hours. Your rope wall heart is ready to hang on wall.

Valentine’s Day Artificial Bouquet

Buy cup cake and add arrange artificial flowers in heart printed cup cake. Arrange and sew flowers in cup cake for perfect decoration.  It is a light-weight and money saving valentine day art to decor the party place in budget. Follow it and start making it now.




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