Valentines Day Celebrations

Valentine Day is a romantic tradition that is been celebrated by million people all across the world every year. The expression of love is made through kinds of traditional and modern gifts. Chocolates, flowers, gifts and cards are some of the traditional ways to express and celebrate valentine's day. But now a days people use online site to send Chocolates, flowers, gifts and cards. This special day is been celebrated since hundreds of years world wide through different customs and traditions. Many people do Online Valentine Gift Shopping and arrange surprises for their loved once.

Traditional celebration and notations worldwide

European Folk Tradition connects with Saint ValentineSt. Valentine’s Day has become marginalized by the modern Anglo American customs that connects with the feeling of love and romance. There are still some remains associated by said with the advent of spring.The tradition of ancient celebration is to send cards, send valentine flowers, valentine chocolates and valentine gift baskets that are originated in UK. Valentine's Day is connected with various regional customs in England. Character name "Jack" in Norfolk knocks the rear door of the house and leaves sweets and gifts for kids.


However, in Slovenia Saint valentines was the one saint of spring who was the saint of good health and patron. There is a famous saying that says "Saint Valentine brings the key roots". On this day plants start to grow. This day is been celebrated as the first work in vineyards and in the field commences. On this day it is also said that birds get marry on this day. In the recent years Valentine’s Day is celebrated as the day of love. This day of love is celebrated on different dates that are March 12 as the saint Gregory's day and February 22 as the Saint Vincent day. Saint Anthony celebrated the whole day as the day of love on 13 June.

Modern celebration and notations worldwide 

    Modern Valentine celebrationToday Valentine's Day is celebrated with joy and verve in several countries. 14th February is celebrated as the love day and everyone takes an opportunity of the occasion to reaffirm their love to sweethearts. Today on this day, many people express their love and gratitude to teachers, friends, siblings and everyone whom they love. Today the notation of Valentine’s Day is expressed through cards, fresh flowers and chocolates. There are different ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day worldwide many share cards and gifts but some Countries like Finland makes this day more about remembering friends and not significantly others.

Funny things about Valentine Day Celebrations

       Funny things about Valentine DayThe person with high expectation gets disappointed when received few gifts on this day. People think that hallmark invented Valentine’s Day. During the Valentine’s Day party, people accidently fall in love and date each other. Late realization of Valentine’s Day makes it a horrifying situation for the person to arrange same day delivery of flowers. Valentine’s Day is for singles to publicly confirm that it is a time to look out for best match. Different countries have different valentines traditions and notions. Some people take it as a symbol of hopeless love and some prefer to view it from there smart glasses and think of it as a commercial holiday.

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