Valentine’s Day Story

Valentine’s Day Story

Valentine’s Day History

Valentine’s Day is call a love day, to romance to give a gift of love to someone who deeply respect from the heart. There are two stories of history of valentine. One is cupid’s story and another is St’ Valentines’ story. Here we are going to narrate both the stories for the better understanding of Love day. Cupid is related with Valentine’s Day. There are various facts and history which shows the connection between Cupid and Valentine’s Day.

Cupid- God of Desire 

Cupid God of DesireCupid is always depicted with wings and arrow. He is known as a god of emotion, erotic love and desire. Cupid is famous for shooting arrow at the lovers to inspire people to fall in deep love. He is an iconic hero of Valentine’s Day. Cupid was a son of Venus the goddess of love and beauty. The story takes an interesting mode when his mother Venus ordered him to punish Psyche. Venus was jealous of her beauty. But in opposite Cupid fall in love with Psyche and married her. Psyche was restricted to see Cupid as a punishment. Psyche can’t stand for more time and after all she looked at Cupid. As a punishment she had to leave Cupid. Cupid leaves her and Psyche started suffering loneliness. She prayed mother of beauty Venus to give her love again. Venus takes her exams with giving a difficult task to finish. She passed in two exams and in the last task she is given one box not to open and resemble the beauty of Proserpine. Again she gets excited and opens the box and she falls in deep slumber. Cupid found her collect deadly sleep and put it in the box. Cupid forgave Psyche and lives a love life together happily. This is the story behind Cupid. For this reason Cupid is called a father of love, striking arrows at the hearts to evoke the sentiments of love.

Valentine story and History

     Valentine story and HistoryValentine name come from St’ Valentine a patron saint of lovers. St’ Valentine was punished and imprisoned for encouraging soldiers to get married. Claudius was firmly believe that people who get marry doesn’t fight strongly because they worry about their family members. St’ Valentine fights against this traditions and encourage the people to get marry. In during imprisonment Valentine wrote last word to Jailor’s daughter “From your Valentine” is famous and people still using this word as a substitute of describing from your love. So, here are the two stories of Valentine a love day. Truly speaking valentine day is to believe in someone, to trust in someone, it’s a feeling that never be exercised by words only feel by hearts. Valentine's day gifts delivery to international destination.

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