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      Every year on 14th February, Valentine's day is been celebrated. This day is also known as Saint valentine's day or the Feast of Saint Valentine. This day is celebrated in many countries all across the globe. However, this day is not a public holiday, people still make a point to celebrate and make it a memorable day of their life. Earlier this day was celebrated as a Romantic love day and is still continuing to celebrate the same. There are many ways across the globe to celebrate this day and everyone follow a different ways to express their emotions.

     Valentine's day is celebrated on Different dates in different countries. The Romantic festival is celebrated with joy and verve in several countries around the world.  14th February is the day when love takes the opportunity of the occasion to express feelings to loved ones. Valentine's day in India, Denmark and other few countries is celebrated on 14th February with different traditions. Celebration in USA, India, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Japan, France, Italy, Scotland, South Africa and other countries have different traditions to celebrate valentine's day.

Historical Facts behind the celebration of Valentine's day

    Giftblooms cupid  Lace is often used in decoration on Valentine's Day. This is because, lace in Latin means to Snare or net as in to catch a person's heart. 14th February is celebrated as Saint Valentine's Day in various Christian in 1969 Revision of Catholic Calendar of Saints, this fest was removed from some General Roman Calendar. In Balzan this day is still celebrated with the relics of the saints that are claimed to be found. In Eastern Orthodox church, St. valentine's day is celebrated on 6th July. On this day Saint valentine is honored. In the Eastern orthodox church states the fest of hieromartyr Valentines, bishop of interamn on 30Th July.







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