Creamy Cookies for Mothers Day

Creamy Cookies for Mothers Day

There are many types of cookies available. The moment you jump into cookies world, you will go all crazy seeing hundreds of varieties. Each cookie has its own quality to surprise you with the taste and flavour. Among hundreds and thousands of cookies, Creamy cookies are the one that you would love to taste the first because they impress you with their dressing and presentation.

Cookies make a delicious dessert that won’t make you feel heavy and satisfy your carving for sweeten treat. There are many way you too can create your own cookies with your secret ingredient that makes it your favourite dessert for all time.


Here are different types of Cream cookies that you would love you to bake on your own:

Creamy Cookies for Mothers Day

Almond Cookies

There are many types of nut cookies but almond is the most popular than other. The richness of almond and its crunchiness adds a special texture to cookies and definitely tastes the best. However, in the almond cookies you get more variety in the same choice for instance, you have almond butter cookies or almond Buckeye Cookies. Both the cookies are loaded with richness of almond and are also good for one’s health.

Almond And Amaretti Cookies

Amaretti Cookies

These are originally Macaroons which means Bitter almond. This one is crunchy and crisp from outside and soft from inside. This cookie gives you the indulgence of both crispness and smoothness. This cookie type revolve around French style.

Bar Cookies

This one of one among eight basic type of cookies. The batter of cookies is pressed into rectangle pan. Later, these rectangle pieces are baked and cut into individual pieces. The popular examples of bar cookies is the brownie cookies and lemon bar. The other name for these cookies is Tray bakes in US.

Bar And Cream Cheese Cookie

Cream cheese Cookie

This one for all the lovers of cream, cheese and cookies. The amalgamation of all the three rich ingredients definitely makes this cookie one of the popular types that everyone loves to indulge themselves into it. This cookie is ideal to eat anytime and kill your hunger and thirst for sweetness and crunchiness.

Sesame Seed Cookie

Sesame Seed Cookie

This cookie is also known as Benne Wafer cookie. Benne is another name for sesame, which defines it. This cookie type comes in a very thin layer that is toasted in sesame seed. These type of cookies is often served during cocktails. There is also a sandwich cookie made from these munchies.

Thus, out of all these cookies, pick the one that definitely has your flavour that you wish to eat. These were very few there are thousands of varieties available and you can add into the collection by baking your own unique creation. These cookies are now available online which easier your task and help your get it order as quickly as possible. This will not kill your thirst and saves your times as well to travel all the way till store.

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