History of Mother's Day

History of Mother's Day


It was celebrated differently in the period of ancient Greek and Romans. The Greeks would celebrate a spring festival by dedicating to maternal goddesses to honor Rhea, wife of Cronus and the mother of lots of divinities of Greek mythology where as Romans celebrated spring festival as Hilaria which was dedicated to Cybele, a goddess. It was celebrated by creating offerings in the temples of Cybeles for continuously three days, which included marches, some games and masquerades also, which was regarded as infamous after which Cybeles were expelled from Rome.


Original Record of Mother’s Day

History of Mother's Day

Every Christians would celebrate this mother’s day on every fourth Sunday of Lent to honor Virgin Marry who was the mother of Christ whereas in England, it was called as Mothering Sunday

Originality of Mothering Sunday

In England, it was a different way to honor mothers especially for those servants, apprentices or any other employees who had been unable to visit their homes for so long. On that day, they were sent to their homes by their employers so that they could honor their mothers the way they want to, a prayer in church to honor Virgin Mary was made first, after which children used to present the gift, cakes or bouquets to their own mothers they brought for.

Mother’s day: Julia Ward Howe

The first Mothers Day was a passionate demand for DISARMAMENT and PEACE.

She was the one who suggested for the mother’s day celebration officially in 1872 in US. A well known writer, activist and a poet also suggested for 2nd of June as a mother’s day. Her idea spread all over the world but now it is celebrated on every May month of the year.

Julia Ward Howe And Anna Jarvis

Mother’s Day: Anna Jarvis

She was the one who is well known as a founder of Mother’s Day in US and known as a mother of mother’s day, a suitable title is given to her as she really worked so hard to honor all women. Though she unmarried and thereby didn’t have had any kid. She got the inspiration of celebrating this as a festival from her own mother, Mrs. Anna Marie. She wanted that all women must be respected either way living or dead.

Now, the day has become so popular with a tradition of gifting an unique gifts like flowers, cake, gift baskets, chocolates and cookies for mothers day to make mothers feel something special. The festival has now become so commercialized. The sellers of mainly florists, cards earn a lot on this day.