Mother's Day Guide

Mother's Day Guide


Mothers are a wonderful creation of God. Everyone loves her mother a lot and tries to make her happy in the best way possible right on the Mother’s Day. Mothers can feel pleased with a huge variety of wonderful Mother’s Day gifts in her hands given by her children. Special gifts can make your mother feel wow on the Mother’s Day with its dazzling presence.



Origin and celebration

Mothers Day Resource Guide


For over a decade ago, this occasion originated as a result of ancient Romans and Greeks. Since, then this amazing mummy’s occasion is being celebrated in almost each and every country, though in different ways but with huge merriment. Mother’s Day is celebrated almost everywhere and its customs and traditions also vary. For an instance, In UK Mother’s Day is commemorated on the last Sunday of Lent, In Brazil and India, on the second Sunday in the month of May, In France, in early June or even in the late May sometimes etc. So, it is celebrated everywhere but in different ways and on different times.

Mother's Day