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Wedding Flower Decoration: Things to Do and NOT

Posted by Brijesh 16th June 2020 0 Comment(s)

Wedding Flower Decoration: Things to Do and NOT


We have some precious moments in life that we want to make golden memories of. One of them is our wedding. Getting married to someone we love is one of the best things in life and one of the best achievements of your lifetime. And what makes this memory of marriage sweeter is the way you decorate the place on the occasion. Now, it is best not to make it messy by putting a lot of props, flowers are more than enough. Here are some of the most important DOs and DONTs to use flowers for wedding décor.

1) Don't Pick Off-Season Blooms

Don't Pick Off-season Blooms


Flowers are the best creations in the world. With its presence, it can make the whole essence of the occasion the best. But, there are some strict regulations on the usage of this decorative prop. When you are deciding to use flowers for your wedding, this is the first thing to follow. You should always choose seasonal flowers to decorate your wedding. As they are supposed to stay longer periods, open in the public, fresh flowers always reflect the best freshness than any of the frozen flowers.


2) Do Keep It Simple

Do Keep It Simple


Of course, wedding decorations are special, but always keep one thing in mind that even the simplest of things can be best as well. More flowers are always not the right option to make your wedding look gorgeous. Even simple and uni-color flowers can make your wedding look decent and elegant as well. Usually, bigger blooms in lighter hues make the wedding place look best. It is what the indoor wedding decoration looks best in. If you are throwing an outside or open wedding party, you can use as many flowers as possible in a scattered manner. More space can utilize more flowers, but the small place looks clingy with more decorative props.


3) Don’t Stick to Certain Flowers

Don’t Stick to Certain Flowers


We know that as it is the question of making your best day the best, you often are afraid to go beyond the known- which is quite logical. But, just think once, if you can leap courage, your wedding floral décor would the most exclusive and best amongst all. Always choose unique flowers that will make your occasional celebration the best. But, it will be best to take the help of a florist. You can consult any online flower shop in USA for this.


4) Do Select Long-lasting Wedding Flowers

Do Select Long-lasting Wedding Flowers


Wedding celebrations are long. It goes throughout the day. And even if it is not for the whole day, the decoration stays for the whole day. And mainly, the bride and groom come out to the place in the latter part of the day. So, to keep the flowers alive and exclusive throughout the whole day, it is important to choose long-lasting wedding flowers. And to consider all these dos and don’ts of wedding flowers, it is best to hire a florist who will give you the perfect execution for your wedding décor.


5) Don’t Choose Difficult Floral Designs

Don’t Choose Difficult Floral Designs


Again, it is a small but important reminder. Floral designs are many out there, but not all are perfect for your wedding décor. Simple is always the best and decency strikes more with elegance. It is best not to choose difficult floral designs that contain spurious flowers, too many varieties of flowers, uneven flowers, and even too strong fragrant flowers. It is always the best to go for a simple, closed, similar, and mild fragrant flowers to give the occasion a touch of beauty and comfort. This is one of the very important wedding flower etiquettes to follow throughout the occasion. 


6) Do Buy Flowers Online

Do Buy Flowers Online


We are getting advanced day by day, and even difficult things are getting easier for the opening and access of the internet globally. Why won’t you use such platforms for your wedding décor! Always order flowers online. There are authentic sites which will provide you personal florist throughout to give your wedding decoration the best shot. Online flowers are fresh, and they provide a chemical that keeps the freshness of the flower live longest. And as it is your dream day, you do not want to mess with one of the best parts of your wedding.


7) Don’t Do Everything

Don’t Do Everything


Just because you have chosen flowers for decoration, does not mean that the flowers need to be everywhere. This decision will make a mess. Use flowers as much as you need to make the décor floral, but certainly not as many places as you can because that will completely ruin the charm. You can consult with the wedding planners and come out with alternative plans, like what else can be used with flowers. There are drapes, confetti, balloons- and many more. Choose your props wisely, according to the theme of your decoration. If you want same day flower delivery then some online florist provides that option using send flowers today.


A wedding is the wildest dream day for everyone. And flowers assure you always that it would be the best day of your life. Above is the best wedding flower decoration manual you must follow to make your wedding grand.


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