Various Types of Roses Found on the Earth

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Various Types of Roses Found on the Earth


Roses are amongst the most loved flowers by people from across the globe. Roses are native to Africa, Asia, Europe, and North America. Roses are classified on the basis of breeding and physical forms. The subject about roses is as vast as an ocean however, we endeavor to cover the most important parts. Now send roses online using a variety of internet and mobile apps and delight your loved ones with this wondrous flower.


Not only novice gardeners but also experts can find growing roses to be confusing and daunting. We are making an attempt to assist you to reduce the difficulties and enable you to develop healthy and beautiful roses.


Growing Roses:


Growing roses can be intimidating and confusing for novice and expert gardeners alike. Therefore, we are presenting a short summary with the most important aspects about the types of roses.


Classes of Roses:


Roses can be divided into three main classes or groups. There are various sub-divisions within these three classes on the basis of their growing methods, plant history, and breeding.


1) Old Roses


Old Roses


This class is also referred to as heritage or antique roses. This class has been around for more than 150 years without any modifications. Old roses are characterized by their strong fragrance and bloom once usually just as summer sets in. This breed is extraordinarily hardy and requiresminimum pruning.


Some of the popular old roses are:

  • Baronne Prevost
  • Francis Dubreuil
  • Green Rose
  • Lady Banks
  • Rose de Rescht
  • Yolande d'Aragon


2) Modern / Hybrid Roses




Man has created this variety of roses to create the ultimate ones using the best parts of heritage roses. These roses are better and novel. The hybrid roses are created for specific size, fragrance, and most important color. They grow more frequently and longer times and are capable to resist disease better. The modern roses are further sub-divided into Grandiflora and Floribunda.


Other Popular Hybrid Roses:

  • Amber Queen
  • Gold Metal
  • Fragrant Plum
  • Iceberg


3) Wild/Species Roses


Wild Roses


Species Roses or wild roses grow in the wild without any human interference. They have beem growing since thousands of years. Wild roses come in red, pink, and white colors and are characterised by 5 petals. These roses bloom once annually, are very hardy and can be maintained easily. They are characterised by bright coloured hips.


Popular Wild Roses:

  • Multiflora rose
  • Rugosa rose


Classification of roses on the basis of their Physical Forms

The main types of roses are miniature, climbing, tree and shrub. These varieties need different space and are used for different purposes.


1) Miniature Rose


MIniature Rose


Miniature roses work well are indoor or container plants. The flowers are relatively smaller and they just rise to maximum 3 feet height. There are best suited for all those having smaller balcony spaces yet wish to enjoy the wonders of having roses.


Popular Miniature Roses:

  • Baby boomer
  • Child's Play
  • Kristin
  • Magic Carrousel
  • Rise n' shine


2) Climbing Roses


Climbing Roses


Climbing roses actually grow on long canes. Novice gardeners need a guide to grow climbing roses. They can be harnessed to create marvellous, beautiful displays using arbor or trellis. This form can be even used to create training or barriers using privacy screens to accentuate your site.


Popular Climbing Roses:

  • Renae Climbing Rose
  • New Dawn Climbing Rose
  • Mme. Alfred Carriere Climbing Rose
  • Sombreuil Climbing Rose
  • ZepherineDrouhin Climbing Rose


3) Shrub Roses


Shrub Roses


Shrub roses do not require support and grow parallel to the ground or upright. This form comes in an array of colors and can rise from 4 feet upto 6 feet tall. They are generally repeat bloomers. This form is suited well for landscapes. The taller ones can work well as privacy hedges while the shorter ones work well as ground cover.


Popular shrub roses:

  • Ballerina
  • Peace
  • Mister Lincoln


4) Tree/Standard Roses


Tree Roses


The Tree or Standard roses grow well in containers. This form is created by grafting an existing cane to a bushing rose. This form requires additional attention and are quite interesting and unique.One has to carefully prune them and take additional care during winters.


Roses are and will remain the delightful choice of people across the world. They not only beautify our landscapes but also can raise the spirits of the recipient especially as gifts or on Valentine’s Day. 


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