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Valentine’s Day Inspired Romantic Wedding Decoration Ideas

Posted by Ocillious 23rd January 2020 0 Comment(s)

Valentine’s Day Inspired Romantic Wedding Decoration Ideas


If you tend to make your wedding day the most memorable day for others, valentine's day is the best date. 14th February is the perfect date to host a wedding. Getting married on valentine's day is an exciting affair and thrills the couples to do some extraordinary things. It is but natural that most weddings are expected to be held on this valentine. Time is very short and couples have no time to think about how to infuse love day in wedding decoration. We have uploaded some romantic Valentine’s themed Wedding Ideas to show the heartfelt connection between two. I hope it can turn your simple wedding night into romantic V-night. Please check the below points for more information.


1) Decorate Space with Paper Heart Garland


Decorate Space with Paper Heart Garland


Both are creative and have enough time to decorate some part with DIY crafts, here is a trick. Paper heart garland can be decked up anywhere. It can be used to decorate the ceiling, hang on above the dinner table, can be hanged on the backyard. Well, there are unlimited uses of heart garland. So here you need construction paper, scissors to make heart cut-outs and string and glue to make a paper heart garland. Fix it up all and your heart garland is ready to decorate the wedding destination. 

2) Decorate Centerpiece with Romantic Flowers


Decorate Centerpiece with Romantic Flowers


Create a romantic wedding centerpiece to cheer up the center table. You can create a cozy and romantic look at the reception table by adding some romantic flowers. Undoubtedly red rose is the first choice and you get an abundance of romantic centerpieces to buy from order flowers online shop. But here you can mix those red hues with subtle pink carnations, white lilies, dahlias, and some peach roses. You can set some romantic vibe around by placing scented candles around.

3) Honeycomb Paper Backdrop Decoration


Honeycomb Paper Backdrop Decoration


Honeycomb paper diamonds decoration is satisfying and it gives a magnificent look to the wedding destination. You can make up the mood of romance using honeycomb paper decoration. Make a big heart shape cardboard. And then decorate that heart with honeycomb paper diamonds. Now use this honeycomb paper heart decoration as a backdrop of the wedding stage.  

4) Make Romantic Ceremony Arch


Make Romantic Ceremony Arch


A ceremony arch is a beautiful design made to create a cozy and welcoming decoration in entry and exit. A ceremony arch is now beautifully customized in the theme of the wedding. So here we look for how to implement Valentine’s Day decoration ideas in the ceremony arch. Red and white roses are used in abundance to make it a romantic ceremony arch. Instead of Simple Square and round arch consider heart structure for the declaration of love day. Wrap the ceremony arch with red and white roses, tassels, silk ribbons, and small heart cushions. The heartwarming decoration will leave a lasting impression on guests.

5) Use Love Balloons Letters


Use Love Balloons Letters


Love balloon letters are now in trend and everyone loves to deck up their ceremonies using letter balloons. Letter balloons justify the sentiments of the occasion. Wedding couples can easily express their intimacy in love by decorating the wedding space with romantic balloons bouquets. You can also ask to deliver some heart balloons to deck up beside this letter balloons.


6) Valentine Wedding Cake


Valentine Wedding Cake


The staple ingredient of the wedding is the wedding cake. The ceremony looks unfinished without a decorated cake. The cake is the most important aspect of drawing the attention of the guests. So here we talk about the valentine scheme so how could we overlook red velvet cake. The big red velvet cake is made in heart shape. A cake is tossed with rose petals and heart-shaped strawberries. A heart-shaped cake is a perfect cake for inspiring others to fall in love.


7) Make Romantic Floral Wreath


Make Romantic Floral Wreath


The floral wreath can be hanged on the reception area or as a backdrop of the stage. No need to think much about it. Use heart-shaped wired wreath and then cover the whole heart with fresh flowers. Use season’s best flowers to spread a magical fragrance I do. For sure it would motivate the couples to say “I do”. On the other hand, you can use that heart floral wreath in the photo booth to add some romantic gestures in capturing wedding memories.  


8) Toss Flower Petals


Toss Flower Petals


Flower petals can be useful in many ways to make a beautiful decoration at the wedding destination. Decorate the couple’s walking aisles with rose petals. Also spread some rose petals on the dinner table, on the stage to give it a heartwarming look. full the paper cones of rose petals to shower it on the couple just married. Toss rose petals on welcome drink, on desserts to utter the story of valentine's day. No worries if you have no time to make split rose petals from roses. Romantic flowers for valentine’s day will assist you in all types of floral decorations.


Here are some soulful and heart touching wedding decoration ideas to implement on the 14th February wedding.  A wedding is a special day of every couple’s life and especially when it rejoiced on valentine's day. We have got covered all types of decoration ideas to customize your wedding into a valentine scheme. It would look more of a valentine spot than a wedding destination. You will get worth result after using this trick, kindly follow the decoration ideas. You can share your experience here in the below comment section.


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