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7 Ways to Use Roses in Your Wedding Decoration to Make It Romantic

Posted by Brijesh 29th July 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Ways to Use Roses in Your Wedding Decoration to Make It Romantic


Love and flowers are intrinsically associated with each other. It is not just the feeling of romantic love that the flowers are associated with but with any form of love. But, yes there are categories of flowers associated with the varieties of love. For romantic love, it is the roses. So, the day of love- Valentine’s Day; the occasion of love- Wedding;- everything related to love has one flower as quintessential. Here is a list of 7 best ways to use roses in your wedding decoration to make it more romantic.

1) Create Rose Petal Garland

Create Rose Petal Garland


Rose is one of the prime flowers of garlands and bouquets. But, also it is one of the common decorations with roses as well. Now, thinking the wedding décor without rose is a dull idea. What we can create is new ways of using roses to decorate the wedding place. We can use just the rose petals to create the garland instead of the full flower. It will need a lot more roses than the garland, but it will look amazing and unique. It will be an astonishing rose wedding theme idea to make your wedding decoration romantic. You can use a single color rose petals or different colors, according to your theme.


2) Use Rose Petals in Centerpiece Décor

Use Rose Petals in Centerpiece Décor


Flower centerpiece is a very trending and neat way of decorating different occasion celebration venues. Centerpieces need bigger exposed blossoms which include roses as well. But, here is a new thought. Instead of the full bloom, we can use rose petals to create a centerpiece décor. Also, it can be on the floor which will make it more highlighting and exclusive. You can buy roses online from authentic floral shops that can be found online.


3) Add Roses in Wedding Stage Décor

Add Roses in Wedding Stage Décor


One of the most important parts of the wedding venue decoration includes the wedding stage décor as well. Now, it is a little sensitive place to put so many flowers on as that might restrict the couple’s movement. But, floral petals can be a great way of decorating the stage of the couple. Amongst the petals, you can use rose petals. Alongside you can also use bright colored flower petals like sunflowers, daisies, and many more. Such a cool and unique decoration will surprise everyone including the couple as well as the guests.


4) Decorate Photobooth with Roses

Decorate Photobooth with Roses


Photographs on occasions have become the greatest trends around the world; especially if the occasional celebration is of a particular theme. A photo booth is the most commonplace on any occasion you will see. A photo-booth needs to be decorated with exciting and catchy props. Amongst all the props, nothing is as colorful and as beautiful as flowers. So, photo booth decoration with flowers, especially colorful roses will be one of the best red rose wedding decorations ideas in this wedding season.


5) Incorporate Roses in Staircase Decoration

Incorporate Roses in Staircase Decoration


Every wedding hall or venue is not the same in design. Some have very bigger halls which are enough for the guests. Some others have more than a floor. Or sometimes even people arrange their wedding celebrations in their homes as well. So, the staircase decoration can perfectly be done with the drape attached rose wedding bouquets. All you need is strings to bind the bouquets with the middle part of the stairs case railings. Such a beautiful way of decorating the staircase as well will make every guest surprise in awe. Roses are one of those flowers that you can use anywhere to make the place look default beautiful.


6) Decorate Wedding Cake Using Roses

Decorate Wedding Cake Using Roses


A wedding is like all other celebrations which are incomplete without cakes. Decorating the wedding cake is also an important task for event managers. The best and perfect way to decorate the cake is to use flowers, especially roses. There are also theme cakes available in the online sites that you can order from. Rose petals have become one of the most used flowers for cakes decoration. You can consult any of the best florists in the USA and get it confirmed which roses will go well with your wedding cake.


7) Make a Rose Bouquet for Bridesmaid

Make a Rose Bouquet for Bridesmaid


The wedding becomes more special for the couple for the groomsmen and bridesmaids. They keep the whole occasion rocking with performances and other actions. So, something special needs to be arranged for them as well. For the bridesmaid, you can order for rose bouquets with special arrangements as they are very special themselves. And for the groomsmen, you can also order rose bouquets. Roses suit every person as itself is beautiful.


A wedding is one of the milestone occasions of two people’s lives. And the celebration becomes special and memorable for all the guests along with the couple. Above are the best wedding decoration ideas with roses.


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