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Types of Flowers with Definition, Meaning, Usage and Examples

Posted by Ocillious 08th October 2019 0 Comment(s)

Types of Flowers with Definition, Meaning, Usage and Examples


Flowers satisfy our inner soul. Whenever we see flowers it instantly reflects happiness. We always choose flower bouquet to share in the happiness of congratulations, birthday, anniversary and many more celebrations. Flowers speak unsaid emotions faster than any so if you wish to send flowers today send it from here. There are so many types of flowers in the world. We can’t narrate every flower but here we brought you information about some types of flowers, definitions, symbolism, and examples. It will help you to know the flowers world. We have also included dried and artificial flowers here. Let’s show you how they are helpful.


1) Cut Flowers


Cut Flowers


Cut flowers are used on a daily basis to decorate homes and offices. Cut flowers are long-stemmed like roses, tulips, orchids, carnations, sunflowers and so many. Cut flowers enhance the beauty of the office desk and center table of home. Cut flowers can stay up to a week for perfect watering. Use a rectangle-shaped crystal clear glass vase to adorn the long-stemmed cut flowers. Change the water thrice in a week. Also, use some aspirin tablets to mix in the water to avoid fungus in water.


2) Exotic Flowers


Exotic Flowers


Orchids, palms, lily of the valley, lilacs, gardenia, birds of paradise and so many more are called exotic flowers. Exotic flowers are known for their dark and exotic colors of red and orange. They pass on a sweet and soothing fragrance. Exotic flowers are symbolized for style statement, to symbolize happiness and love. Valentine Heliconia is a popular exotic flower bloom in the valentine season. Its flower bloom in a red heart shape color, so there is a huge demand for this flower on Valentine’s Day.


3) Tropical Flowers


Tropical Flowers


Tropical flowers carry an abundance of fragrance and beauty. Tropical flowers like Orchids, Rhizomes, Heliconias, Amazon lily, bleeding heart wine, and so many others are used for making a romantic bouquet. The captivating beauty and alluring fragrance uplift the mood. If you are willing to propose someone, use a tropical flower bouquet mixed with long-stemmed red roses. Surely she will accept your proposal with heart.


4) Wild Flowers


Wild Flowers


We can see wild flowers bed and borders around us every day. Wild flowers spread sweet fragrance their shelf life is too short but they bloom in abundance. They can easily grow in any type of climate. So if you wish to make flower bouquet at home, you can use your garden wild flowers. African daisy, Baby blue eyes, Bird cherry, bachelor’s button flowers are examples of tropical flowers.


5) Artificial Flowers


Artificial Flowers


Artificial flowers are long-lasting and durable. You need not order fresh flowers every time. You can decorate the room with faux flowers. There are tons of faux flowers available to decorate the room. Simply you have to choose the color and size of the florals as the room scheme type. Now golden and silver shade is also available to give your room a rustic feel.


6) Dried Flowers


Dried Flowers


Wedding bouquets do not last long so people use to save it in the dry form then put it in the frame or make Pottopouri for a keepsake. It is a popular trend established to make antique pieces like antique wreaths, hearth brooms, shaker boxes and so many. Dried flowers smell nice and it keeps highlighting the beauty of the room for a long time. You can use the pressing method, or sun-dried method or dry flowers in the oven. There are so many ways you can use to dry flower and then use it for decoration purposes. It requires a little care and you get extraordinary decoration at no price.


7) Seasonal Flowers


Seasonal Flowers


We meet different types of flower blooms in a particular season.


1. Fall Season

In the fall season, we find the gardens are loaded with lots of vibrant color flowers. The fall season is a pick season where the most popular flower blooms like tulips, orchids, peony, roses, cherry blossoms and many.


2. Summer Season

It is quite boring season although there are summer-loving flowers blooms in the hot climate. They are called drought-tolerant flowers. Like sunflowers, amaranthus, carnations, chrysanthemums, Iris, Hydrangea.


3. Winter Season

In some countries, winter is a perfect blooming period but in some countries, it is difficult for the flowers to bloom for its freezing climate. Well here are some popular flowers like Orchids, Pansy, Cyclamen, Gerbera Daisy, Evergreens blooms in the chilling climate.


4. Autumn Season

The autumn season is the harvesting time. You will find lots of nature’s beauty in the mountain and gardens. Most of the flowers occur during this season. It is a pick season for harvesting flower seeds.  Asiatic, Roses, Star of Bethlehem, Gerbera Daisy, Alstormaria, and chrysanthemums are some of the popular flowers of the autumn season.


So here are the examples of some beautiful flowers, their meaning and how they are helpful in daily life. Whenever we think of buying gift the first thought comes in mind is to buy roses online. This article is meant for the acknowledgment of types of flowers. It says how, where and which type of flower you can use to decorate homes and offices and celebrations. I hope you like this article and share it with others too.


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