8 Types of Flowers That Are Appropriate For Funeral and Sympathy

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Types of Flowers That Are Appropriate For Funeral and Sympathy

Whether you are taking flowers to the funeral service or sending them as compassion to bereaved, it is always an onerous task. Sometimes, it is perplexing to select perfect flowers the same.


A plethora of flowers is available, and the types of arrangements are not few. Therefore, this task baffles us. Especially, when already in the family of deceased is in the state of grievance, it becomes essential to give appropriate flowers in such a way that it isn’t offensive. Particular care should be taken of the feelings of the deceased family before you order flowers for a funeral. Thus, we are here to guide you the correct path and show an accurate way to give flowers for sympathy and funeral.


1. Standing Spray


As per the name suggests, designing of it involves precise care for letting it stand upright. It is displayed on the easel, near the casket in such a way that it adds the beauty of the funeral. As it stands upright between 1 and 3 feet high, it is most visible to everyone present.


Nowadays, buying flowers have become much easier. All thanks to online sellers that provide an option to buy flowers online and get flowers for funeral delivery without any hitch.


2. Poises and Floral Baskets


Being one of the most prominent choices, poises and floral baskets is available in various sizes, shapes, color, and styles.


Funeral floral basket is specially used to carry it from church or home to the burial place. As baskets are easy to take anywhere without any hassle, it is the mainly popular type of funeral flower arrangement.


Posies are customarily a round shaped flower arrangement. Designing of it involves precise care that it is visible from any angle. For making it stay for a longer period, flowers are tied with hands and then placed in water. Taking proper care becomes necessary as you need to send it to the mourner’s home.


3. Funeral Crosses


Cross is the most favorite choice of people for taking it to the funeral service. And if a person is taking it with a purpose of expressing personal sentiment or church service, then it is one of the best ones.


4. Wreaths


A flower wreath is a necessity for the funeral. As most people use a wreath for expressing sympathy, this type of arrangement is mainly prominent as the floral funeral tributes. They are customarily in the circular shape to make a ring out of the flower arrangements. But, the sizes, shapes, and designs may vary by choice, such as heart-shaped wreath is famous.


5. Casket Spray


A bunch of flowers and greens that you require to exhibit on the container is casket spray. Two types of casket spray are available ― full casket spray and half-casket spray that is displayed on the closed coffin and opened one respectively.

Usually, people use to select the color of casket spray by referring the gender of deceased. You can commonly observe this sort of difference in all types of flower arrangements.


6. Letter Tributes


Apart from several flower arrangements, words are also used for the purpose of a tribute. Emotions are connected towards the word that people use for tribute. It is kept at the center of the table.


This letter tribute is most often given by the closed bereaved. This is the reason it is the most personalized forms of funeral flowers.


Each flower symbolizes differently, and you can use it for conveying different feelings. It applies to the flower arrangements. Every flower arrangements are made for different display purpose and have a different meaning altogether. Accordingly, the etiquette of giving away flowers for sympathy also varies. Hence, it becomes a prerequisite to taking right care while selecting flowers for funeral or sympathy.


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