Top Plants That Keep House So Cleaned and Fresh

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Top Plants That Keep House So Cleaned and Fresh


Pollution is the main hurdle for every human being. People come across many diseases through polluted the air. You cannot control the polluted air but yes you can clean that polluted air with plants. Plants are the great antioxidants. They remove bad toxins from the air and provide us with good oxygen. You can breathe fresh air every time by keeping indoor or outdoor plants around your home. You must be thinking of which type of plant suits in cleaning the air, here are they. We got you the top plants that keep your home moist, clean and toxin free.

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1. Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera


Aloe Vera plant is an edible plant. There are so many species in aloe era plant. Aloe Vera drink is good for health. More than that, it is good for reducing carbon dioxide from the house. It helps in cleaning the air as well as helps in cooling the air temperature. Aloe Vera plant is a succulent plant that helps in removing formaldehyde from the air. It is best used in summer to keep moist the room. Its gel is used to treat the burnt skin and removing skin marks too.


2. Peace Lily


Peace Lily


Peace lily plant is good for removing bad toxins like Benzene and Trichloroethylene. NASA studied both these toxins are not good for health. Benzene chemical spread through gasoline, paint, rubber, tobacco smoke, paint and variable synthetic fibers. As well Trichloroethylene is obtained from glue, varnish, and paint.  Both are very harmful chemicals pollutes the air. Peace lily plant has the capacity to control spreading such type of chemicals in the air. Its fragrance doesn’t allow the soil and air meet such harmful chemical.


3. Golden Pothos


Golden Pothos


Those who are suffering from sleeping disorders must plant golden pothos around. It is the easiest plant to grow and add some green lush surroundings. Golden pothos need partial shade and little maintenance. NASA has considered this as a prominent houseplant for purifying the air. It needs water once a week and grow in any dry and wet soil. It is some kind of poisonous plant for the pets. So if you wish you can hang this plant, it easily fits to every type of pot.


4. Bamboo Palm


Bamboo Palm


Bamboo palm plant is the best houseplant offers soothing and healing side of nature. The long green stalks and fatty leaves throw a purifying air all around the room. You can use it as a bedside table or office table plant. It is called a lucky plant and used to remove the negative vibes around. At the same time, this removes airborne smells and toxins. It brings tropical warm feeling into bedroom helps in gaining deep and sound sleep.


5. English Ivy


English Ivy


Those who are allergic to breathing problem like Asthma must have this plant in the home for improving symptoms. English Ivy is truly a great air purifying agent.  Scientific study on Asthma and Immunology shows that English Ivy removed 94% of airborne feces and 78% airborne mold within a short period of 12 hours. So it improves breathing and hence helps in obtaining good sleep.


 6. Snake Plant


Snake Plant


Snake plant is used as an indoor plant for decreasing the numbers of toxin in your home. It has a large leafs that inhibit the carbon dioxide and release good oxygen in the night. It is easy to grow to improve air quality in hall and bedroom. It is also recognized as mother-in-law’s tongue. A moist soil and partial sunlight is the food of it. No other maintenance is required to purify the air.

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In summer days we grow many plants that keep surroundings cool. But there are certain plants helps in providing sound sleep and helps in purifying the air. All above plants are not at all bad for decorating home. They are decorative but the main aim of the above plants is to flush the toxins and release the purified fresh air around. All these plants are easily available in a nursery and you need not any extra cost of maintaining it. They are environment-friendly; just need a partial shade of sunlight and water once a week.


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