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Top Eco Friendly Valentine Gift Ideas from your Heart

Posted by Ocillious 11th February 2019 0 Comment(s)

Top Eco Friendly Valentine Gifts


Both supports “Go Green”, love to consume eco-friendly things, this article is a compliment for you. Valentine day many use disposable things, gift wrappers are used limitlessly that are of no use thereafter. Some gifts are thrown in the dustbin and cannot be recycled, harm nature. Both love to be in nature or want to reduce the wastage; we give you hints of how to use it for valentine day. We show you some eco-friendly gifts looks nice and don’t harm to nature’s health.

If you have no choice left for what to buy, the ultimate option is to send romantic flowers.

1. Make Valentine Heart from Scraps and Fabric


Heart from Scraps and Fabric


A cotton fabric scrap and cardstock are the earth-friendly things. So you can use both the things to make a creative Valentine card at home. No perfection is needed, learning this craft is simple and fun when making. Have some scrap fabrics cut it out in a heart shape or into a flower shape. Now have cardstock and sew these cutouts in the cardstock paper. Down the hearts or flowers, use green veins or sticks to give a nicer image. Eco-friendly Valentine card is ready to give your partner.

2. Send Romantic Potted Plant


Romantic Potted Plant


Roses die in a day or two, thereafter thrown in the dustbin. It is some kind of wastage. Rose’s plants need some care and a proper atmosphere. So better stay away from the option and give your partner a potted plant that suits the climate of that city. Visit nursery shops to find the best suitable plant potted in a nice container. Take succulent plants which need less water and can be consumed in an indoor area. It’s the best gift to see your love growing day by day.

3. Organic and Fair Chocolates


Organic and Fair Chocolates


We buy so many chocolates from the market but have you researched that it really gives a fair amount to farmers. Most of the children involved in farming cocoa production. But they are exploited for not given the right fair of working for hours. Show your support to them with buying organic chocolates from Fair Trade chocolates. It produces chocolates in an organic way so you give the real-time benefit to your partner of eating chocolates.

4. Eco-Friendly Card


Eco-Friendly Card


Eco-friendly recycled papers are available in the market with non-toxic inks. It shows your support of nature. Saying hearty feelings on valentine is a must tradition. Why not say it with nature. The nature-friendly card is a good trick to support the environment and help nature to grow.


5. Edible Candle


Edible Candle


The scented candles are a nice thing but when they are melted and thrown it spoils the earth’s fertility. Instead, choose the essential oils to make the edible candles. It is a simple and sweet trick to give your partner a soothing aroma around the home. Use vitamin E, Jojoba, Lavender oil, Avocado, and Apricot oils to make earth-friendly candles at home. They long a last and you have no panic of destroying it after it finishes.

6. Cocktails of Wine


Cocktails of Wine


Visit the local vineyards, see how they are fermented and buy the wine which is organic and truly boosts the health and mood. The other thing you can do is to replace the wine with cocktails. You can give a try to winter cocktails infused fresh strawberries, blueberries, and some organic spirits. Serve cocktails in recycled glasses to enjoy drinking. It feels fresh in the mouth and gives a nice quench to the throat to enjoy it more and more. It’s a good trick to help those farmers growing strawberries and local cocktail makers.

Want to share lively gift to your soul mate on this valentine? Send Flowers is the great choice to think for.


So here are the tricks to keep your love growing natural way. The nature-friendly gifts are the best option to support nature and encourage the partner too. Though they do not look much expensive, they are good for saving the earth and avoid wastage. We also support the environment and this is why we enjoyed writing this article for you. Hope all who read this article raise your hands to “go green” and cherish the golden Valentine time.


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