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Top 9 Splendid Balloon Decorations Ideas for Every Occasion

Posted by Ocillious 27th June 2019 0 Comment(s)


Balloon decoration idea


It’s an anniversary, birthday or any special occasion balloons decoration never failed to impress. Why it is most preferable do you know? Well, let me answer. First of all, the balloons are easily accessible. The other thing is to send balloons to the USA is cost friendly. The third part can carry any size and available in any shade. So it is perfect for all types of occasion. If you are hosting a celebration or want to celebrate near one’s special occasion, let us show you some splendid balloons decoration idea. You can hire balloons suppliers to demand such an arrangement or if you have the time it’s a good exercise to learn DIY balloons craft.


1) Photos Hanging From Balloons


Photos hanging from balloons


Floated pictures create a special effect. Guests and the party host walk through the memory lane and it recreates the special moments. If you are aspiring to do this craft at home you need helium-filled balloons and some memorable photographs. First of all, get a helium-filled balloon and then stick each photo on each balloon’s end thread. Now leave it to the ceiling. The balloons photo chandelier will take the special one to the world of memory. You can set a dinner table, cake table or any masterpiece under this balloons chandelier.


2) Balloons in a Shape of Fruits


Balloons in a shape of fruit


As I told you earlier balloons can take any shape as they are very flexible. Give a break to that simple stereotype balloons decoration. Let’s do something different. Use small balloons instead opting for big sized balloons. Also, use some cylinder shaped balloons to make a banana shape. For example, take small red balloon inflate and then stick a faux leave on it. You can make so many fruits from so many colored balloons. Now collect them and hang them on one thread to make fruits garland. Use it to decorate above the cake table, to decorate cake backdrop or any special place.


3) Make a Balloon Arch


make a balloon arch


Balloons arches can be made with both helium-filled balloons and just inflated balloons. It is mostly used to decorate the entry gate to cordially invite the honorable guests. Many use it to decorate the cake table, wedding stage and so many. For helium-filled balloons decoration, the end of your balloon must be fixed with the ends tightly. Decorate the gas balloons with tassels, strings, pearls, flowers any. On the other way, you can use inflated balloons by attaching the balloons garland into a wired pipe. cover that entryway with balloons garland and then decorate it with hanging tassels, some climbers, flowers and so many.


4) Colorful Balloon Clouds Over the Dining Table


colourful balloon clouds over the dining table


It is a very easy trick to do for beginners. If you have still not tried how to use balloons in decoration, this experiment will help you to teach balloons decoration. Have some sticky tape and colorful balloons. Now the first thing you need to do is to take the end thread of balloon and stick it to the ceiling and hang your balloons down towards the floor. Not so much down that, it touches the head. Do this trick for all balloons. It creates an impression of balloons cloud. Now the dining table or cake table you are free to set any table under this colorful chandelier.

5) Transparent Balloons with Colorful Confetti


transparent balloons with colorful confetti


Delightful decoration of transparent balloons with colorful confetti will create a lasting impression on the guest’s mind. You need big sized non inflated transparent balloons. Fill in the colorful confetti and slowly fill the helium air in it. The simple balloons transform into lovely balloons. Now take those balloons to decoration space, give weight on the end thread. You can use it in the exit way, entryway, besides the cake table or set on the guests’ chair too.


6) Shape Exotic Decor with Balloons


shape exotic decor with balloons


Decorate the food table in a grander way. Bring some small to big sized inflated balloons. Also, take some exotic flowers to fit in between the balloons garland. Collect all the inflated balloons and tie them in one thread to make a heavy garland of balloons. Take some flowers in between, some faux leaves or faux flowers in between for a lavish look. Prepare an exotic decor and then let it flaunt upside the food table or downside the cake table.

7) Create Vertical Clouds & Balloon Showers


create vertical clouds & balloon showers


Give it a try to decorate the corporate meetings or to decorate the office table. You need vertical shaped transparent balloons garland. Balloons must be of different size. Start making a garland of big balloons to the upside followed by small balloons in town. You will need plenty so it is my advice to start doing this craft before the day. Now hang that balloons garlands from ceilings to down. Guests enter in the party they feel like they are taking a bath in balloons shower.

8) Use Linear Balloons


use linear balloons


If you want to create an atmosphere of celebration of New Year, here comes a new idea. The linear balloons together create a stunning effect of fireworks. They are simple to make, combine long shaped balloons in one string and then give them a firework shape. They are good to set on the cake table, to decorate the wedding stage or above the wedding cake table.


9) Shape an Extraordinary Photography Area


shape an extraordinary photography area


Photo-booth is a special space you cannot overlook. So here you can create a whimsical balloons decoration on photo-booth using balloons garland, number balloons, and letter balloons. A balloons color must match with the color scheme of the party. Hang exotic colorful balloons garland on the top, leave some balloons randomly on the floor. There are so many variations you can do and customize the balloons bouquet for birthday balloon delivery to the USA.


The thing is same but it’s your creativity and your wisdom that makes best out of the waste. So it is your first step in party decoration, this article is definitely going to inspire you. Hope this article will help you in boosting your crafty skills.


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