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Top 8 Eco-friendly Christmas Celebration Ideas for New Generation

Posted by Ocillious 07th November 2019 0 Comment(s)


Even if you are an eco-warrior or not you should follow some basic Christmas ideas which create minimum wastage and harms the environment least. You can simply reduce food waste, source sustainable Christmas trees; make planet-friendly consumer choices and so many other ways through which you can have a sustainable Christmas celebration. Also green is the traditional color of Christmas and we should undoubtedly follow an environmentally friendly Christmas. With little knowledge and awareness, we can celebrate Christmas more meaningful and as it is religious it should surely have meaning. Thus we are here with the top 8 eco-friendly Christmas Celebration Ideas for the new generation.


1) Choose the decoration that will last longer


Choose the decoration that will last longer


You can use decorations that are made from recycled wood, fabric, and glass as they are great alternatives to plastic and PVC. These options are also recyclable and when you are choosing these decorations go for classic designs that you will love for years so you can even use them for next years. Because when you use trendy designs you will be tired of it by next Christmas and it will go waste. Get christmas gift ideas from our online gift site and convey your festive greetings to your loved ones for this important festival.


2) Go for Eco-friendly Gift


Go for Eco-friendly Gift


Opt for fair-trade gifts or eco-friendly gifts. You should choose gifts that would not cause so much harm to the planet. Many people go overboard when it comes to Christmas gift but it is worth resisting for these tempts. So you must be more conscious of your impact on the planet of the Christmas gifts you buy for your loved ones. Also, check how ethically the gifts were made before purchasing them.


3) Think thrice about gift wrapping


Think thrice about gift wrapping


Once the gifts are sorted it is now time to think about its environmentally friendly gift wrap. You can reuse gift bags, boxes, tissue paper, and ribbon kept from last Christmas. You can also choose a gorgeous fabric scarf to gift presents to your near and dear ones. You can choose these cloth materials from Charity shops and second-hand stores. Brown papers are also best to wrap gifts and simply tie it together with strings and raffia. With these Christmas celebration ideas, you can celebrate a green christmas which will not at all harm our environment.


4) Plan Christmas Dinner Carefully


Plan Christmas Dinner Carefully


You can also take care you do not waste food when you host a Christmas party. You could also save by buying food items on sale days. You can also make a list in advance and avoid buying unnecessary items because sometimes you might get panic and the waste incurs. If you have leftovers at the party do not throw it away instead you can give the food to the homeless or use the leftover ingredients in making dishes.


5) Use LED Lights and Limit Lighting


Use LED Lights and Limit Lighting


These small lights emitting diodes use very little energy in comparison with bulbs and other lighting devices. These are also cool to the touch and you should look for the energy star seal for the ones with the highest energy efficiency rating. These lights would light up your home and make it festival ready with minimum energy consumption. Also, limit the use of the lights, turn the Christmas tree lights on only when you are present to enjoy them. Before bed turn off the outside decorations or you can simply put a timer. You can get various eco-friendly christmas decorations ideas from our online gift site to surprise your friends and relatives for this festive season.


6) Shop Online


Shop Online


You can support the online business of your community and this way finds small businesses to give your money to. Shop from genuine online sites who believe in giving back to society in some way. When you shop from these sites it would also make their Christmas better and they would be able to celebrate Christmas in a better way. When you shop online there would be minimum wastage of resources too as you do not have to physically go to the market. Make Christmas tree decoration with decoration supplies from our online gift store as a Christmas tree is one of the most important Christmas decorations.


7) Eco-friendly Christmas Tree


Eco-friendly Christmas Tree


You can choose your Christmas tree from a local retailer to reduce your tree’s carbon footprint. And when the Christmas season is over you can take your tree to a recycling center where it can be shredded and reused locally as bark chipping and many other ways. You can also use your old Christmas tree if it is in a good condition or you can have your Christmas tree in your backyard or garden itself where it is planted and it would stay at your home not only at Christmas but for the whole year. Send balloons online to your near and dear ones and convey your wishes for the festival.


8) Give Organic Flowers as a Gift


Give Organic Flowers as a Gift


Flowers are beautiful holiday gifts that would brighten up your loved one's day. You can surprise them with the organic and fair-trade bouquet to show them the brightness and the joy of the season. You can decorate these Holiday themed bouquets in festive vases or plaid baskets and make it look beautiful for the holiday season. These flowers are great as Christmas gifts as they can convey Christmas wishes in a wonderful and lovely manner. Order flowers online and decorate your home for the holiday season with these lovely and fresh blooms.


We hope these eco-friendly Christmas celebration ideas give you real joy and our mother nature would also welcome these celebrations with open arms.


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