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Top 7 Truthful Flowers For Weddings

Posted by Ocillious 07th October 2015 0 Comment(s)

Flowers play an essential role in our special days due to their aroma, freshness, colours and beauty. A special occasion like wedding is incomplete without flowers. Choosing flowers according to what they epitomize will be the best thing to consider at such occasion and also when you are thinking of gifting and ordering flowers delivery to UK for someone’s wedding. That is how we thought of bringing this write-up to acquaint you with top 7 truthful flowers for Weddings. Be it corsages or wedding bouquet or boutonnieres, flowers are present everywhere in the weddings and there are lots of things to have a glance at besides their colours, freshness and beauty.


Top 7 Truthful Flowers For Weddings


Well, before you proceed to order your wedding flowers, do check out the meanings and symbols of certain flowers, bloom, and buds to make sure that the flowers and buds you have chosen to ornate your wedding occasion are signifying love, loyalty, trust, grandeur, cheerfulness and good luck.


List Of Flowers Used In Weddings


Rose - A Classic Flower for Weddings


Roses are most popular flowers used for events like weddings, valentines and while proposing a special one. They are symbol of true love and passion and hence the most popular choice to gift is to send Rose flowers online to special ones. The best roses you can choose for your grand occasion are hybrid tea roses, traditional garden roses, spray roses, open heads and deliciously aromatic roses.


Exotic Tulips for Weddings


Tulips are best flowers for spring weddings due to their seasonal availability. They come in huge different vibrant shades and colours like red, pink, yellow, violet, magenta, orange and epitomize infinite love and ardour. Hence they are best motif for weddings. The most common varieties of tulips are Dutch Tulips, intense coloured Parrot Tulips and extra long stemmed French Tulips, among which the French variety is the most expensive and elegant one.


Calla Lily


Calla Lilies are currently most trendy wedding flower and in are used in form of Lily flower bouquets which add sophistication and elegance. They are used in wedding bouquets as well as table centrepieces. Their common colour is ivory, but can also be darker hues like yellow, violet, orange and mauve pink.


Lily of the Valley


Lily of the Valley is small bell shaped florets attached to thin stems and charms us through its distinct perfumed fragrance. Its white variety is the most common and in use, while the rosy pink coloured Lily of the Valley are rare. They are best to use as centrepiece due to its awesome scent to make the place of occasion fresh and perfumed.




These dense flowers are having bushy head and acute hues like burgundy, violet, blue and pink due to which they are symbol of grandeur and gorgeousness. They are best floral arrangements of weddings like boutonnieres, corsages and bouquets.




Peonies are gaudy flowers loved for wedding occasions due to their intense scent, largeness and vibrant colour.  You can use Peonies to add vanity to your occasion. They can be used in wedding bouquets, and centrepieces as well welcome bouquets.




Ranunculus can serve as best flowers to serve as affordable alternative flowers to rather expensive Roses and Peonies. Since they are mild-scented, you can use it if you do not prefer intensely scented flowers. Above all, Ranunculus symbolizes appreciation and admiration for your partner and hence largely used in bridal bouquets and in other floral arrangements of weddings. They are available in all kinds of shades like white, orange, yellow and pink.


Since SFAM is a masterpiece service for your online send flowers to UK and numerous other countries, it is a pleasing thing to bring some interesting and useful tips and ideas on choosing your wedding flowers. Have a glance at these top 7 truthful and best flowers suitable for wedding occasion and book your orders to send rose flowers to your best friend’s wedding to express your true emotions. You can also send lily bouquets to enhance the grandeur of the event for your friend or kin. Online delivery of flowers with interesting tips will be your added benefit at SFAM.


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