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Top 7 Traditional Things to Do on Thanksgiving Day that is Actual Fun

Posted by Ocillious 26th November 2019 0 Comment(s)

Top 7 Traditional Things to Do on Thanksgiving Day that is actual Fun


Thanksgiving is technically a holiday to meet your near and dear ones and express your thanks to them. It is the perfect time to let your dear ones know how important their part is in your life and how grateful you are to them for being what they are. Thanksgiving is not only about treating your loved ones with thanksgiving gifts, but there is also much more to this day. Thus to make your thanksgiving meaningful you must follow some thanksgiving traditions. We are here with a list of traditional activities on Thanksgiving Day with your dear ones to make it more fun and meaningful.


1) Host a Thanksgiving Meal


Host a Thanksgiving Meal


One of the most classic thanksgiving traditions is to host or to attend a thanksgiving meal with your friends, family, and neighbors. Traditionally families serve Thanksgiving turkey on Thanksgiving. Some of the chefs come up with creative ideas like deep-fried turkey or vegan thanksgiving dinner menu. If you feel like you don’t want to cook on this day, you can reserve a table in a restaurant and keep on this tradition of eating turkey on Thanksgiving Day. Get amazing thanksgiving holiday party celebration ideas and have memorable Thanksgiving Day with your near and dear ones during these holidays.


2) Go for a Destination Vacation


Go for a destination vacation


You can plan a destination vacation with your friends and family and this can be a thanksgiving gift because no gift is bigger than a joyful vacation with your loved ones. You can plan a trip to Disneyland with your whole crew and have the time of your lives. If you want to cook on this day you can rent a house or a condo with a kitchen and prepare the Thanksgiving meal by buying a few cooking supplies. Buy thank you balloons online and express your gratitude to your friends and relatives through these cheerful and Thank you printed balloons.


3) Make a Thanksgiving Tree


Make a Thanksgiving Tree


One of the great thanksgiving decorations can be a Thanksgiving tree. There are many ways to design a thankful tree. You can make this a tradition and the whole family can come together to decorate this Thanksgiving tree just like the Christmas tree. Through decorating the tree you can cultivate this attitude of gratitude at your home. You can simply decorate the tree by writing the most thankful things. You can also put up the tree on the first of November and use it as Thanksgiving advent of sorts.


4) Decorate Home


Decorate Home


You can use different types of thanksgiving decorations ideas to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. You can also use DIY ideas to decorate your home for Thanksgiving. You can decorate with gourds and pumpkins, make DIY thankful trees, make burlap give thanks garlands, fall wreath, lighted fall garland and another such type of decorations to give a festive touch to your home for Thanksgiving celebrations. Get insights on thanksgiving party decorations and deck up your home with these lovely decoration ideas for thanksgiving dinner.


5) Attend Thanksgiving Day Parade


Attend Thanks giving Day Parade


If your city does Thanksgiving parade, be the part of it or bring the family down to watch this procession together with them. The Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade is very important in New York City so you can also fly to New York to attend this parade. And if you cannot fly there you can simply watch it on TV or attend a local Thanksgiving parade with your near and dear ones and have a great Thanksgiving Day. You can get various Thanksgiving Party ideas from our online gift site and have so much fun and enjoyment this Thanksgiving with your dear ones.


6) Plan for Black Friday


Plan for Black Friday


The day after Thanksgiving Day is Black Friday.  On this day the major retailers open very early at midnight and they offer handsome sales and lower prices of different goods. So you can claim and crack some good deals which you won’t find on any other day of the year. This day is originally called Black Friday because the number of shoppers in Philadelphia created traffic accidents and even violence so the Police Department there named it Black Friday. Order stuffed animals online and treat each of the little ones with these cute and plush toys for Thanksgiving.


7) Play Party Games & Give Gift to all


Play Party Games & Give Gift to all


One of the common thanksgiving traditions is playing games with your friends and family. There are so many thanksgiving games you can play and pass time with your family on this day while waiting for delicious meals. Thereafter you can greet and treat your near and dear ones who are present with lovely gifts and surprises for thanksgiving. One by one everyone can open can their gifts and express gratitude and say some nice lines to convey their thanks to their loved ones on the day of Thanksgiving. These are some thanksgiving celebration activities you can enjoy when you host a thanksgiving meal with your friends and relatives.


We hope these 7 traditional and fun things will make your Thanksgiving Day celebration more exciting and joyful.


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