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Top 7 Christmas Plants and Flowers You Can Thrive in this Holiday Season

Posted by Ocillious 11th November 2019 0 Comment(s)

Top 7 Christmas Plants and Flowers You Can Thrive in this Holiday Season 


As December month starts from the first week every homeowner starts surfing ideas about the home makeover at Christmas.  Yes, it’s a type of enjoyment of work they like to share with their kids in the holiday season. Now people turned towards the eco-friendly things then using those artificial things. Instead of using that faux trees and flowers homeowners tend to use live flowers to feel fresh and breath fresh. You can cheer up Christmas home using traditional Christmas plants and flowers. It will bring extra charm to your home inside and outside. You can use different types of colorful flowers and decorative plants to bring beauty in homes. Here we rounded some of the favorite Christmas plants you can use to cheer up the holiday season.


1) Poinsettia




You will see most of the houses are adorned with order flowers online. Poinsettia is a Christmas plant used to decorate the homes in this festive season. It is a belief that one girl presents a bouquet of weeds to Lord Jesus which then converted into flowers which later on named Poinsettia. Poinsettia has bright red flowers with solid speckled green leaves underneath. There are so many color variety options available in Poinsettia. You can choose the pink and white combination, green and red. Florists can help you in delivering the combination of colors you want. 

2) Christmas Cactus


 Christmas Cactus


Christmas cactus is an ornamental flower plant accessible to bring beauty in homes. It drops down lush flowers from every stem which looks stunningly beautiful. It is the most bought and sought plant for the thanksgiving period. Its flower blooms in December month so people choose to decorate this flower in homes to reveal the Christmas spirit. It should be placed nearby the window. The cooler climate is good but not too cold. It is a low maintenance plant naturally blooms at Christmas time. It bears beautiful flowers which itself enhances the exquisiteness of festive homes.

3) Cyclamen




Cyclamen is also the famous flower of December month. It blooms in the festive colors of pink, red and whites. It grows and blooms in pots, hanging containers. If you wish to gift this plant to family and friends in France, use this link for flower delivery to Germany. Its flower bears a pretty color and looks good to decorate home in the festive period. It can bloom for eight months so you have got the best chance to decorate the home. You can also choose to grow it in the outside garden. It needs sunlight and proper water condition.

4) Rosemary




Rosemary plant is not a Christmas plant but it is pruned in the form of a tiny Christmas tree. Rosemary plant resembles a Christmas tree and so it becomes a popular plant for indoor holiday garden. With the slow release of water every day it can thrive in good condition. Overwatering can damage to decaying the plant. It is a belief that smelling rosemary brings good luck to homes. So bring good luck to Christmas homes by decorating rosemary plants in homes.

5) Amaryllis




Amaryllis is personally my favorite flower. Amaryllis blooms in spring month. It is in huge demand for its captivating beauty and graceful looks. Amaryllis blooms in the holiday flower bulb which then blooms in huge trumpet-shaped flower. Its eye-catching beauty reveals the gorgeousness of Christmas. People look for red Amaryllis during this season, but you can opt for white and pink.


6) Paperwhites




Paperwhites are mostly in demand for the Christmas season for its alluring and soothing fragrance. If you want to bloom your home paperwhites plant is a good option. Paperwhites plant bears a cluster of white flowers nicely stand on a green stem.  It’s a winter favorite plant that can be grown both outside and inside of homes. It needs well-drained soil and regular water to encourage good growth.

7) Phalaenopsis Orchid


 Phalaenopsis Orchid


Phalaenopsis Orchid plant is used to decorate homes and offices. It bears the shape of Orchid which is recognized as one of the most popular festive flowers. It doesn’t look as ugly as you think. The flowers are fragrant and bloom in the cluster. You can try to bloom this plant for the winter month. Its blooms can prolong for two weeks with the utmost care. Most houses use Phalaenopsis orchid as a houseplant. There are lots of bright colors in Phalaenopsis orchid. White and purple give a royal look to homes so people prefer to buy the same.


It is not too much difficult to find all these Christmas plants in December month. Online florist shops are flooded with all types of perfect Christmas plants to bring festive cheers in homes. So add some freshness into homes without losing the spirit of Christmas. Those flowers and plants will feel you good not just for Christmas month but all around the winter month.  This way you need not spend any extra cost on decoration for New Year or upcoming celebration. It will keep the festive spirits all around the chilling months. I hope you like this article and will inspire others to do the eco-friendly decorations.


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