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Top 7 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers Other than Red Rose

Posted by Ocillious 27th January 2020 0 Comment(s)

Top 7 Beautiful Valentine’s Day Flowers Other than Red Rose


The month of February brings the love around and it is the month of love. This is the right time to confess your feelings to someone you love. And whenever talking about Valentine’s Day red roses are first to come in one’s mind but unfortunately some people are allergic to these classics and some people find them overrated. So you must be aware of other flowers that are also associated with love which can convey your love and affection to your dear one. Also, one of the best and evergreen gifts for Valentine’s Day is flowers because flowers can represent almost all the emotions to your loved one and there was a language that is dedicated to flowers in Victorian Era. Thus we are here with top 7 beautiful Valentine’s Day flowers other than the highly overrated and stunning red roses.


1) Valentine’s Lilies


Valentine’s Lilies


Lilies no matter what color they are pink, white, orange or red they are an ideal blossom an elegant recipient. The lilies are absolutely dramatic choices that will surely please a person with sophisticated tastes. And the added benefit is that these oriental lilies have breathtaking fragrance. Thus a bouquet of Valentine’s Lilies is perfect to express your love to your loved one on this special day of love. Order romantic flowers for Valentine’s Day and greet your better half with lovely flowers to tell them how much you love them.


2) Magnolia




These flowers are believed to have magical powers and they can find the way directly to the heart of special someone in your life. These flowers have unique and gorgeous blossoms that can create an ultimate romantic atmosphere. Thus there is nothing as stunning as an arrangement of large magnolias in soft colors to set the perfect environment for the mood of true love and passion. Get the best Valentine’s flower for her from our online flower shop and let the flowers convey your love and affection to your beloved.


3) Geranium




If the smile of your loved one is your most favorite thing and you love to see them smile then these are flowers with which you can bring a wide bright smile on their face. So gift a bunch of gorgeous geraniums to your loved ones for Valentine’s Day. These flowers have a low level of pollens thus they are less likely to cause irritation or sniffles. These breathtaking flowers symbolize fresh beginnings and so they would make a perfect choice for taking your relationship to the next level. Geranium is also the best flower for your loved one


4) White Chrysanthemum


White Chrysanthemum


These flowers symbolize joy and optimism and they date back to 15th century B.C. In many cultures across the world these flowers represent perfection and they can be given as a gift to express the perfection of your loved one. Yellow mums are given by the secret admirer and red mums are symbolic of love and sharing. These flowers can be a great addition to one’s garden too and so you can also gift potted mums to your loved one for Valentine’s Day. You can get different kinds of flowers from online florists and greet your friends and relatives with particular blooms for specific occasions and festivals.


5) Sunflowers




Sunflowers are bright, beautiful and happy flowers. These flowers are ideal as an uplifting gift to a dear one on Valentine’s Day. Sunflowers last longer than many flowers thus can provide weeks of beauty and enjoyment. They are also considered more rustic and overtly romantic and they are the perfect expression of pure adoration. A large bouquet of sunflowers can bring so much joy and brightness to any household too. Make same day flower delivery to your loved ones for special occasions and festivals to covey your wishes from our online flower shop if you have forgotten to send the flowers before the event.


6) Daisy




Daisies symbolize purity, loyalty, love, and innocence. The daisies are white petal flowers with the yellow center but Gerbera daisies come in a rainbow of colors. So you can greet your loved one with daisies of their choice. The disc of daisy is composed of many tiny flowers so even if you give a single daisy to your loved one it’s like giving an entire bouquet of colorful daisies. Daisy Flowers are underrated as love flowers but they are one of the best and most romantic flowers to convey your feelings to your loved one.


7) Hydrangeas




The pollen-free Hydrangeas can perfectly say I love you to your sweetheart. The floral arrangement of these fancy blooms will turn out to be more beautiful than and as classic as red roses. Hydrangeas come in a variety of bright colors like white, blue, red, salmon and pink. So simply pick the right colored hydrangeas that will please your baby boo. These are some of the best alternatives to Valentine’s Day roses and they are equally romantic flowers to convey your love feelings to your partners.


We hope these top 7 beautiful flowers help you express your heartfelt feelings to the person you love even better than the classic red roses on Valentine’s Day.


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