Top 6 Aquatic Flowers Which Floats on Water

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Top 6 Aquatic Flowers Which Floats on Water


Aquatic plants are nature’s most beautiful creation. Water is a food of such aquatic flowering plants.  It feels our heart with joy and wonders when we see the pond is submerged with flowers. Aquatic flowering plants also recalled as hydrophytes as they hydrate water to grow. They are mostly seen in the wetlands. Some aquatic flowers are large some are small. There are different range and shades available in water plants. If you want to make a water garden at your place you need to know about some aquatic plants. Here we put some information about the plants that survive in the water. You can give it a try to make the water garden at your poolside or back yard.

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1) Lotus


Water Hyacinth


Lotus is the most beautiful flowers grow in muddy base and blooms on the water surface. It has a beautiful structure that allures the flower lovers. It comes in both pink and white shades. It fully blooms in the summer or sunny climate. Winter is not a suitable season for the lotus to grow. Lotus has a sweet fruity fragrance. Its roots are spread in a muddy base. You can prepare the buddy base before planning the aquatic garden. As roots get deeper in base it blooms to the fullest. It is a sun-loving plant, forced to bloom in the sunlight of morning and close the buds in the moonlight.


2) Water Hyacinth


Water Hyacinth


Water Hyacinth easily produces in bulk in water, pond, and rivers and in wetlands. Like Lotus, it also needs sun rays to grow. You will always see that Hyacinth blooms in the group. You grow just one stem, it increases its volume by producing other items. Hyacinth is a fast-growing plant in the pond or any aquatic surface. You can grow such type of flower in your back yard making the artificial pond. If you don’t want to increase its larger in the pond, try to grow some other aquatic plants beside the Hyacinth stem. 


3) Water Lily


Water Lily


Water Lily is one of my favorite. This bears beautiful shades of pink, white, orange, yellow and red. It has a beautiful flowering shape that attracts all the flower lovers.  They bloom in the muddy soil and shallow water body that provides shelter to aquatic animals like fish. It is a useful flowering plant. It protects the pond water to increase the number of algae in the water that keeps the water clean. This spreads a beautiful fragrance in the night.


 4) Broadleaf Arrowhead


Broadleaf Arrowhead


The broadleaf arrowhead is also named as duck-potato. It is named as broadleaf arrowhead because one stem has around three to flowers at one time and it has arrowhead-shaped leaves. It grows deep in wet soil, streams and shallow water. It grows in height of 2 to 4 feet above the water surface. It blooms in a particular period from July to September. You will see one wonder in this flowering plant. Female and male both groups can be found on the same stem. If you wish to add this flower in your water garden, spring and summertime are the best time to go for it.


5) Water Poppy


Water Poppy


The summer-loving plant is right here to plan the water garden in the hot season. It steadily grows in summer season in the lemon-yellow shade with round-shaped petals. It increases its stems in shallow ponds in the stable water. It bears a beautiful flower on the early morning. It has a shelf life of one day but it repeatedly keeps blooming so you do not miss to see water poppy inside the water lake.


6) Water Iris


Water Iris


Water Iris is comfortable in shallow water and calming water pond. It likes sun but the scorching sun can damage the plant. Water iris doesn’t grow in the muddy base, one has to pot the flowering plant in soil and then submerge in water to grow its stems. Yellow, blue and white are the favorite fantasy colors of Iris. Water Iris needs a peaceful climate and sunny temperature. If you are planning to set up the pool garden please clip off seed heads because these seeds become the reason of producing a large number of Water Iris in the pool.


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If you are preparing for the water garden, this article will help you in choosing the aquatic plants for your garden. They are simply easy to grow but you need to take some necessary guidelines from nurseries to help you in doing this task. You can also allow some aquatic animals to reside in your temporary flowering pond. This will excite your children to see the magic of aquatic flowers.


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