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Top 5 Velvet like Flowers that You can’t Resist Yourself to Touch

Posted by Ocillious 07th October 2019 0 Comment(s)

Top 5 Velvet like flowers that you can’t resist yourself to touch


Flowers are so pretty and beautiful which can dazzle our visual senses. But some of the flowers can also create mesmerizing tactile experiences because of its velvety textures. So you can buy these flowers and plants for indoor and outdoor cultivation as these velvety-textured plants invite human touch. These velvety flowers also come in unique shapes and sizes but as a bonus have a soft texture. And the texture is a very important element in the garden. Thus if you are seeking to add a variety of textures to a flower bed, you are at the right place. We are here with some velvet-like flowers that are just like velvet in real.


1) African Violet


African Violet


The African Violets have heart-shaped leaves and texture that would provide us a soothing tactile experience. These flowers are very popular houseplants because they keep blooming for a very long time when taken proper care. It is a low maintenance plant and requires average watering and partial sun. It is also an ideal plant to teach kids how to take care of plants because it requires little care. Some cultivars of plants produce different colored African violets like pink, white and blue. Send flowers online to your loved ones on their special day and convey your wishes through flowers.


2) Lamb’s Ears


Lambs Ears


These flowers Stachys byzantina bears soft purplish spikes of flowers in late spring to summer. These flowers have soft texture but their foliage is the main attraction. The fuzzy silvery leaves grow in a clump that is perfect for an ideal border. They thrive in full sun and you must divide them every few years. These velvety spiked flowers have an otherworldly appearance and they bloom during summer months. They are perennials and perform best well-drained soil under partial shade or full sun. Some of the flowers here are blue velvet flowers and also purple velvet flowers that will look so good for decorations of various occasions and events.


3) Velvet Flower


Velvet Flower


It is a visually striking annual flower that has trumpet-shaped petals with yellow veins running down the middle which gives it another common name that is painted tongue. The petals of the flower have a velvety texture and are in different colors like orange, red, pink and other bright colors. They can thrive in loamy soil, under full sun, and with average watering. The Chilean natives grow these plants to over 36 inches tall. Send flower bouquet to USA to your friends and relatives living far away from you to convey festival greetings at different festivals.


4) Snapdragon




This is an old fashioned flower and very easy to grow. This is a distinctive small flower that has a velvety texture and it resembles the shape of the head of the dragon. When you gently pinch the sides of its soft jaws, the dragon’s head will open. This is a cool-season annual that blooms in early spring in different colors like red, pink, yellow, white and orange. The stem of the flowers grows 1 to 4 feet tall and the plant will self-seed if it is not deadheaded and return the next year. It should be planted in full to part sun. Velvet Queen sunflower is one of the most unique, beautiful and velvety flowers you can give to your dear ones on special occasions.


5) Cockscomb




Cockscomb is an annual with velvety texture also called Celosia cristata. This unique and soft flower is also called wool flower which resembles a colorful rooster’s comb. This flower belongs to the amaranth family that is Amaranthaceae. These flowers come in a variety of colors like red, yellow, pink and gold that is typically 2 to 5 inches wide. Flowers grow on a stem that is 1 to 2 feet tall and has a flattened appearance with a ruffled top edge. This is an annual dicotyledon that blooms from late summer through fall.  You can use silk flower arrangements to decorate the wedding venue or give the flower arrangement to your dear ones on special occasions.


 We hope you got complete insights on the top velvet-like flowers that you cannot resist yourself to touch.


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