Top 10 HousePlants that Bring Good Luck and Wealth to Your Home

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Top 10 HousePlants that Bring Good Luck and Wealth to Your Home


If you are looking for the indoor plants for your home or office, then you must have to look for the plants that bring good luck and wealth to your home. If you are looking for something which will bring luck, happiness, and prosperity, then you can look for these top 10 houseplants that bring luck and wealth to your home.


1) Lucky Bamboo  


Lucky Bamboo


It is one of the best indoor plants that you can keep it in your home. Each stalk of bamboo has its own meaning, the 21 stalks of bamboo bring blessings of enduring health and great wealth. 3 stalks for wealth and longevity and happiness, 5 stalks for wealth, 6 stalks for good luck, 7 stalks for health, 8 stalks for growth and 10 stalks for completion. You can give lucky plants for home and business to bring good luck, wealth, happiness and love.


2) Jade Plant 


Jade Plant


Jade plants are highly liked by the people because they can live for decades and in the right condition. If you put the plant in the right environment, then Jade can grow into small trees. In jade plants also you will get a few varieties of plant which will bring good luck, positivity, and good health. You can place the plant near the entrance of the home, the reason for placing it near the entrance is that will welcome success and prosperity inside.


3) Shamrock Plant 


Shamrock Plant


It is said that Shamrock plant is lucky. The cultivated commercialized version of a plant has a deep purple hue along with the larger leaves and they are more square in shape than the traditional lucky plants. You can check the Shamrock plant online, there you will get the plant that you can give a gift to someone. You can send plant in any part of the world with the help of the reliable online portal.


4) Money Plant  


Money Plant


Most of the people know about the money tree plant, it is believed that it brings good luck, fortune and wealth. Money plants are braided together when the plants are younger and tender, if you want the best result, then three to five braided plants are required. It is also said that kept for money plants in one home as this is said to be unlucky. It is one of the common plants that people keep in their home and in the office.


5) Snake Plant


Snake Plant


Many people know about the snake plant, and if you want the positive result, then placed it in an ideal position which is deemed to be a plant of good luck because it absorbs the poisonous gases from the air as well as it eliminates toxins. Snake plants exude strong protective energy and shields the residents. If you are planning to give it as a gift to your friend or colleague, then it will be good to read the details about it.


6) Potted Orchids


Potted Orchids


Everyone knows about the orchids and it is one of the most beautiful flowering plants, and it is not just design elements, it has the ability that will bring good luck as well as a fortune in love. The orchid enriched and nurture the relationships and it enhances the chance of finding love and a partner. It brings a lot of positivity at home. The orchid plants also release oxygen at night that helps in the good night’s sleep.


7) Peace Lily


Peace Lily


The peace lily is considered as the fortune plant, this plant has the capability to clean all types of environmental contaminants. The plant needs very little light to grow, so it is a great option for the home. Moreover, the plant can grow in the artificial light as well, it produces white flowers and needs to be watered once a week. That means, this plant needs low maintenance but it brings fortune, positivity, love, good wealth and health.


8) Rubber Plant 


Rubber Plant


Rubber plant can be placed in any part of the home, this plant has the round leaves that are regarded as a symbol of prosperity and love. When you place the rubber plant at home, then it will bring the abundance, fortune, and increase in wealth. It also helps in removing toxins from the air. If you like greenery at home, then you can put this plant at home. Now you can send flower bouquets online through the online portal.


9) Tulsi or Basil


Tulsi or Basil


It is one of the beneficial and useful plants that people keep at their home. It is considered as a holy plant in the Hindu religion, in this plant, you will get several varieties, you can choose as per your interest. When you look for Tulsi or Basil, then you will find multiple options available in the market like Krishna Tulsi, Manjari, Kapoor Tulsi, Lakshmi Tulsi and more. It has many medicinal benefits as well as it brings a lot of positivity at home. You will easily get this plant in the market and at a reasonable price.


10) Orchids 




Orchids are one of the beautiful flowers, but it is not only beautiful but it brings lots of positivity, love, happiness, fortune, wealth and health. If you want to give a gift to your dear one on some special occasion, then potted orchids will be the best choice. You can simply send the send flowers internationally through the online portals. When you have to send something to your dear one, who is in the same city or different city or country, then the online option will be the best choice.


These are the top 10 houseplants that bring good luck and wealth to your home. Even though you can also give these plants to your friend, relative or colleague on any occasion or without any occasion. You will get all these plants in the market and if you don't want to go in the market then you can check the online option. Buying the house plants online is really a great option which will save your energy and time and you will get the best quality thing at your place.


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