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Tips for Hosting a Perfect Garden Tea Party

Posted by Ocillious 27th July 2020 0 Comment(s)

Tips for Hosting a Perfect Garden Tea Party


You can throw a great garden party with our Garden Party ideas. We have this guide that includes various types of creative garden invitations, decorating ideas, indoor and outdoor garden games, garden crafts, etc for the garden party theme. You can choose a garden party theme or color or you can add tablecloths, seat cushions, and napkins to reflect the color palette. For the extra protection from the sun as if the weather is scorching, you can also use draped fabric that looks perfect for summer garden parties. To add formal arrangement you can add a sophisticated touch to the garden part use simple blooms in containers. Thus we are here with planning ideas and tips to make your party a blooming success.


1) Decide a Theme

Decide a Theme


First of all, you have to decide the theme of the party; it could be anything like Queen of Hearts of Queen Elizabeth. Just make sure whatever the theme is you ensure your decorations and dress code should match. If you want to give your party royal party treatment, you must encourage guests to wear dresses and fascinator hats to channel the inner Duchess of Cambridge. You can also ask your friends to dress up as their favorite character in Alice Wonderland character.


2) Decorate Garden with Balloons and Plants

Decorate Garden with Balloons and Plants


You can have a beautiful set up for the tea party in the garden. You can decorate the garden with balloons. You can make balloon animals using balloons; you can also get balloon animals kit with which you can make balloon decorations. Likewise, you can also use different types of plants for decoration. You can also plant a patio planter with a variety of annuals so that the set up looks great. Buy balloons online from our online gift store and decorate your home or greet your loved ones with cheerful and colorful balloons for their special day.


3) Fab Garden Tea Party Favors

Fab Garden Tea Party Favors


When you organize a garden tea party, it is a must to give party favors to the guests. You can simply gift the guest's packet of seeds and gardening gloves, flower-themed gifts like small booklets, pencils, pads, etc, teacup and saucer set, straw hat with flowers, tiny terracotta pots filled with jelly beans or just hand each guest a fresh flower when they leave. Get tea party decoration ideas from our online gift site and have fun times with your near and dear ones and enjoy tea party indoors or outdoors as you wish.


4) Set the Table with Flowers

Set the table with Flowers


If you want to create a formal garden party feel then you can set the table as if you are hosting an indoor party. You can dress the table with all kinds of trimmings. Use statement floral centerpiece or dot jam jars filled with flowers to the length of the table to add a more boho vibe. Send Flowers online to your friends and relatives for various occasions and festivals to convey your greetings.


5) Play Lawn Games

Play Lawn Games


If the party is outdoors, you can have so much fun playing games. Garden party games are fantastic ice breakers and guests of all ages will enjoy it. You can stick to classic games like hoopla, skittles, or invest in good quality wooden sets so that you can have so much fun enjoying the games at the tea party. Also set out comfy deckchairs for the spectators. You can get floral garden party themes from our online gift store and have beautiful flower décor for your various occasions like birthday, wedding, anniversary, etc.


6) Design a Fun-filled Photo Booth

Design a fun filled photo booth


No matter what kind of party it is, it cannot be complete without a photo booth. You can capture the fun times and special moments with the photo booth. You can simply leave a camera out and some fun props to encourage the guests to snap away. Even if you do not invest much in a photo booth the garden anyway is the ideal backdrop to ensure beautiful photos. You can get evening garden party ideas from our online gift site and get ideas about various garden parties to enjoy your dear ones.


7) Light up the Garden

Light up the Garden


If you want to keep the garden party going even after the sun goes down then outdoor lanterns and lights are a must. You can combine a selection of different styles and create a magical atmosphere. If you don’t have a lawn for decorating the lanterns you can go for a similar effect by planting them in large and sturdy pots. You can also go for solar-powered lights so that you don’t have to scrabble around for extension. 


We hope these tips help you host a perfect garden tea party with your friends and loved ones around!


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