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The Origins of Lovely Flowers around the World

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We all celebrate seasons, occasions and ceremonies with varieties of flowers. If we are to consider, it is one of the best gifts in the whole world. But, little we do know about flowers. Here are some amazing flowers that we use in almost every occasion for various purposes and their origin.

1) Lilies




Lily is a flower of fertility and chastity. The Greek brides have to wear a crown of lilies to signify purity and abundance. This flower is associated with various myths. And the picture of lily first discovered in the crate was dated back in the 1580BC, in the Minoan period. This is the only flower that is named in both old and new testaments. The oldest lilies are Madonna lilies that are believed to be 3000 years old. The name came from the Greek word ‘Lirion’ which means ‘True White’. It was offered to Mother Mary by the Roman Catholic Church. This flower was used for a very popular medicinal purpose. In the 17th century, this flower was used as treatments of snake bites and wounds; it also removed pests from the crops.


2) Carnations




Carnation has a scientific name of Dianthus caryophyllus and it means the ‘Flower of God’. The origin of the name of the flower can be rooted in Corona which means ‘Floral Garland’. It is the national flower of Spain. It is believed to be born from the tears of Mother Mary during the time of Jesus’s crucifixion. That is why it is the best flower for Mother’s Day. The varieties of colors of Carnation stand for various emotions- the red for deep love, the white fro pure love and the yellow for dejection. But in some countries like France, the flower is believed to bring bad luck and misfortune.


3) Orchid — Hong Kong and Honduras




Perhaps, this is the widest category of flowers that can possibly be there in the maximum varieties of 25000 and still discovering. They are very popular, expensive and widely cultivated flower. If you are to consider a human face with bilateral symmetry, then it perfectly resembles the orchid flower. This is decorated in rare occasions and in a traditional beverage called ‘Sahlep’ in Turkey. In the 16th century, this tradition flew to London and used to be served as a famous street food before the invention of coffee.


4) Sunflower — Ukraine




Sunflower is the national flower of Ukraine. It is very much loved by the people around the world because of the joy it reflects in its appearance. 60% 0f the total sunflowers are cultivated in Europe and Russia. If you are to follow the traditional folklore, this flower is a symbol of fertility, solar power, and vigor. Its nature of facing the sun by turning heads and dropping down once the sun is gone is very symbolic to the concept of loyalty. So, this flower can be presented to someone to express your loyalty to them. You can order flowers online from floral shops to send to your beloved.


5) Roses




It is more than 5000 years back that the flower started to be cultivated in Asia. In the living his period, Confucius (551-479BC) has mentioned about this flower in more than 600 books. Because of the enrichment of Vitamin C, it belongs to the category of Raspberry, Apples, Cherries, and Plums. Being associated with love and beauty, this flower is very much relatable to Mother Mary. It is the most favorite flower for the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Some categories of flowers are believed to cure stomach problems in ancient Chinese treatments.


6) Tulips




It is the popular flower of Hungary, Holland, and Turkey. It is believed that it has traveled from Hungary with the Ottoman Empire to Turkey. And then it made its way to Holland. It was so popular in the 1600s, that there was a whole branch of commerce in Dutch population-based on it.


7) Jasmine — Pakistan, and Syria




This small star-shaped flower is cultivated for thousands of years with its intoxicating fragrance. It's color stands or peace and purity. It was widely used in perfumes and cooking as well as in aromatherapy. It is also a very popular choice of hair decoration in various cultural ceremonies. These flowers are available in different designs in romantic flower bouquet delivery sites.

Each flower that is our favorite has histories of its own and we need to know them in order to understand their significance and its popularity. Above are the history of some of the flowers that we use on every occasion.


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