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Stylish and Sophisticated Theme for Outdoor Summer Party

Posted by Ocillious 12th July 2019 0 Comment(s)

Stylish and Sophisticated Theme for Outdoor Summer Party


Summer parties are never overlooked during sun reflection time. As the warmer climate begins people look more enthusiastically for summer parties. The party fans used to set the summer party outdoors to enjoy summertime to the fullest. To create a fun time with family and friends here we come with beautiful summer party ideas. Either you celebrate it in the garden, in poolside or on the rooftop we have given you the satisfying themes to keep the party going.


1) Set up a Flower Arranging Station


Set up a Flower Arranging Station


Flowers decoration never disappoints you when you want to host a party. It’s a small get together or big birthday bash in all types’ floral decoration brightens up space. Look for big paper sunflowers to decorate in the welcome gate. Get some fresh flowers from flowers bouquet delivery and decorate it on the side of the drink table, cake table. Garnish cake and drinks with edible flowers. Use an activity related to floral decoration. Likewise, give each a flower bunch. Now they have to use their creative minds to make a beautiful bouquet. It’s upon you, you keep it with you or want to take them as a thank you gift.


2) Host a Garden Party


Host a Garden Party


Garden party is summer’s favorite theme. There is sun’s brightness everywhere it encourages people to celebrate the party in summer’s light. You can do so many variations in the garden party. Like, bring some big sized paper flowers to set on the welcome door. Use flowers wall to decorate the backdrop of the photo booth or cake table. As well as create a sign from foliage. If you are setting the party at night hang string lights everywhere. Create a cocktail station where people can quench their thrust of cool drinks.


3) Host a classic backyard BBQ party


Host a classic backyard BBQ party


Set up a BBQ picnic in your backyard garden. Make a grill station where guests can enjoy the local grilled food. Don’t overdo with decoration make it simple. Have some tables and chairs. Feel like it is a picnic station, arrange some wine tasting also to enjoy with smoky food. If you want to avoid alcohol you can replace it with arranging a mocktail or cocktail station for them. To recall the memories play some classical music, have fun enjoying the classical dance.


4) Camping Party


Camping Party


It’s a favorite subject for outdoor parties. If you are not able to reach campfire station you can create an artistic campfire station at your local space. Try to incorporate camping themes in every station whether it is decoration part, food or drink. The mostly woodland theme works well. Have some blankets, some artistic campfire, wooden plates, wooden pipes, and wooden welcome arch to invite guests. Use some vintage lamps to vintage candle stand to brighten up space instead of using electric lights.


5) Beach Party


Beach Party


The aquatic-themed party is one of my favorite in the summer season. No worries if you are not able to set the party on the beach station. You can use the beach theme inspired decoration and enjoy having the feel of the ocean. Decorate all the things in white and blue. Use some pearls, oyster shells, Peebles and sand for highlighting the sea effect. Also use silver and sky blue balloons to decorate the backdrop, photo booth, cake table, and dessert table. Food must be inspired by the beach theme. Buy online a beach-themed cake and decorate the food table with some blue cocktails and sandcastle cupcakes.


6) Picnic in the Park


Picnic in the Park


When you don’t have any outdoor station just bring all the picnic things and enjoy doing the party in the park. If you are waiting for a family-friendly celebration and it is just a small get together you can apply this trick. Carry all the picnic essentials like picnic food, carpet, water to drink, some wine for adults, some game things to play in the park. Nature’s park is perfect for enjoying leisure time.


7) Pirate Themed Party


Pirate Themed Party


Pirate themed parties are kid's favorite. This is all about to see the ships, treasures, and pirates. Set some pirate ships, some lamps, some fake gold coins to see the treasure. Decorate the welcome entry with pirate-themed banners. Decorate the cake table and food table with red and white pirate themed table cloth. Use some skeleton mask or Skeleton props to set on the photo booth. Don’t forget to play a scavenger hunt game to let the party guests search for treasure.


8) Dive-in Movie Party


Dive-in Movie Party


For sure it will brighten up the day of all. Keep that aquatic theme beside and enjoy the fun of diving into the movie party. Let all the guests come up in the 90's or 80's movie attire. Pretend that they are coming to watch the movie at that time. Manage to create a popcorn station, cotton candy station and some cocktail bars to let the guests enjoy the party time. Play some classic themed music, do some activities inspired by 80's and 90's movie. Whatever the temperature maybe we are sure it will not disturb the party environment. And if you are not able to attend the party send flowers online.


Summer is the time when your kids get free from their education duties. So they need some change from that hectic schedule. The summer party is a great opportunity to spend vacation time leisurely. Not only kids but adults also enjoy it to be with kids. So if you are also longing for a summer party, use this article as an inspiration choose any theme to enjoy summer’s heat.


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