Some Hidden Information about Wild Flowers

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A wild flower is a flower that grows in the wild. Those that grow without cultivation which was not seeded or planted are Wild flower. Wild flowers are generally the source of urban gardens. Generally they are from the same native land but, ancestors of another flower plants from another land. Wild flowers which are local to the place called native while others are migrants. Both the type of wild flowers share same characteristic. They both grow on their nature.


Here some of native wild flowers of Britain


1) Cuckoo Flower

Cuckoo flower also known as lady's smock or lady's flower is a native wild flower of Britain. Generally the cuckoo flowers starts blooming in the early time of spring and summer when cuckoo starts cooing. The plant grows up to 18 inches tall and is long and slender. With pale pink and white flowers it certainly does look attractive. Cuckoo flowers are native to Europe and western Asia and has also found in North America. Most of all they are available in Canada and Northern American States.


2) Honeysuckle flower

The aromatic yellow flowers of the honeysuckle are being use as herbal medicine to clean all the toxins. In Chinese medicinal it's been tell that they are useful for snakebites. Other also tell that it is consider to be symbol of love as the flower looks like two lovers intertwined. Some also say that if a honeysuckle flower is being brought in the home, wedding is going to happen soon.

The sweet-scented flower is easy to grow and humming birds, butterflies get attracted. They generally grow between Aprils to July. The fruit comes in June to November - falls treat for song birds.

Some other flower information show in below image




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