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Simple and Less Expensive Natural Plants Fertilized Found At Home

Posted by Ocillious 05th March 2019 0 Comment(s)

Simple And Less Expensive Natural Plants Fertilized


There are many people who use the compost and homemade fertilizers because it is safe for the plant and health. While there are many such people as well, who spend a lot of money to have a nice and healthy garden? If you are also looking for the simple and less expensive natural plants fertilized found at home, then here they are


1. Grass Clippings


Grass Clippings


It is rich in nitrogen and grass breaks down over the time that will enhance the soil. You can also add weeds; a person can also fill a 5-gallon bucket full of grass clippings. Why add weeds? The main reason for adding weeds that it will soak up the nutrients from the soil as much as grass. You can also add water to the bucket and allow sitting for a day or two days.


2. Pet Foods


Pet Foods


Many people have a pet at their home, and due to that, they have pet food at home. If you want to prepare a garden plot for planting and sprinkle the dry pet food on the bed, you can turn the soil and water or try to decay it naturally. It is true that dry pet food contains a minimum of 3 percent of sodium to support normal growth and development. It is easily available at home, so one can use it for better use.


3. Seaweed




If you have fresh seaweed, then it is not required to be washed before you use it to remove the salt. The dried and fresh seaweed are considered as the excellent soil amendments because it contained the trace elements and it serves as a food source for the soil microbes. What you can do is, chop the small bucket of seaweed and then add it into 5 gallons of water, now allow it to sit for at least 2 or 3 weeks loosely covered. You can also combine seaweed with other kinds of tea fertilizers.


4. Water of Aquarium


Water of Aquarium


You can water your plants with the water of the aquarium; this is the water which is taken out of the aquarium while cleaning it. Why use the aquarium water? There are benefits of using it, the fish waste makes a great plant fertilizer and it is a natural one. Use the freshwater only for your plants; do not use the water from a saltwater tank.


5. Bananas Peals 


Bananas Peals


Many people like bananas, while some people feel it is not tasty, but it is also true that it is healthy for the body. There are many different benefits of bananas for plants as well. When you plant a rose plant and then bury the bananas in the hole along with the rose, so when the rose grows, then banana peels will into the top layer of the soil, and it will provide the much-needed potassium to the plant that actually required for the proper growth of the plant. With the help of this, you can grow housewarming flowers at your home with natural fertilizers.


6. Corn Gluten Meal 


Corn Gluten Meal


It is the byproduct of the wet milling process for the corn, and it is used as a fertilizer because it has ten percent nitrogen. If you want to use it as a fertilizer, it will simply spread a thin layer of corn gluten meal and it will scratch it into the top of the soil. You can easily plant veggies that starts the inside treated area for the nitrogen benefit. You can order fruit basket online.


7. Green Tea Base


Green Tea Base


Every person know about the benefit of green tea for the health, it is also good to use green tea for the plants, The green tea base can be used to water plants every four weeks, and for that, you can use the one teabag for the two gallons of water. It really works great for the plants, which is simple and less expensive.


These are some simple and less expensive natural plants fertilized which are easily found at home, and people who love gardening can easily use it. But it is very important to know how to use the product for availing its full benefit for the plants and gardening. Use the right option for a better result.


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