Simple and General Care of Cut Flowers

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Simple and general care of cut flower


Women get frustrated when they adorned home with fresh cut flowers and they wilt after two or three days. There is a definite reason for the death of flowers before the time. You can increase the lifespan of cut flowers by using general care tips. Flowers just not bloom the room but it also enters positive vibes in the home. Fresh flower petals purify the air and sometimes kill the bacteria occurs in the room. So here we put some tips to energize the cut flowers to bloom it up for a longer duration.

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1. Keep Flowers to Cold


Keep Flower to cold


Cold places are very good to keep fresh flowers fresh for long period. Use ceramic pot or glass vase and fill it with water. Now enter the stems and use it to put in the cold space. Dark shade and cool temperature will not allow the bacteria to harm the plant tissues. If you have a warmer place or warmer temperature you can put an ice pad or the bowl full of ice around. It will help your flowers to breathe cool temperature and restrict the flowers to connect with warmer temperature. One main thing you must notice is to immediately put flowers into the water once you take it from a floral shop. The longer time you will take you will shorten the flower age.


2. Change Vase Water Often


Change Vase Water Often


Hydration is the most important need for flowers to keep blooming for a long time. Water has to change one day after to maintain flowers freshness. Water accumulates for a certain time can cause bacteria and they can harm to your flower stems. This can cause wilting flower immediately. So you must take care of exchanging water into the vase in regular intervals. So flower stems can breathe through the pure air. Caution! Do not full the vase with water. Keep the water level half or above the half.


3. Foaming of Flowers


Foaming of Flowers


Certain long-stemmed flowers are fitted into foaming sheet. You must look out daily of they are fitted perfectly in the foaming sheet. Also, take care to rehydrate it when they needed. Don’t over water it otherwise it will expose the fungus to harm the tissues of flower petals.


4. Re-Cut Their Stems


Re-Cut Their Stems


Before entering the flowers in the water you must prune the stems. You have to cut them down leaves which will connect with the water. This can cause fungus and leave the bacteria inside the water. Also, prune the dead petals or plants in regular interval to make them look fresh every time. Also, see to it that stems are not occurring bacteria. If you fill it cut that stems part. Most importantly use sterile and sharp scissors to cut the stems.


5. Give Flower Stems Good Food to Bloom


Give Flower stems good food


Dissolve one aspirin tablet in water and pour it into the vase water. Aspirin will provide a good food to stems. A florist from online flower shop provides a sachet of flowers food with flowers bouquet. You can use this to feed your flowers to bloom it up nicely for a longer period.


6. Use Sterile Vase


Use Sterile Vase


This will help to disinfect the vase water and increase the longevity of flowers. Use the vase sterile with disinfectant soap or warm water and bleach.  Cleanliness is the main aspect to nourish your flowers. Whenever you pour the fresh flowers again, it must be sterilized again. It may happen that previous flowers had some bacteria and they are still connected in a vase. So it is very important to sterile it when you are allowing the new blooms in the vase.

So here are the utmost caring tips to manage the longevity of fresh cut flowers. Artificial flowers don’t impress much as the fresh flowers decoration do. You are fond of decorating fresh flowers; you must follow the above-mentioned tricks. They are defiantly going to help you in relieving your pain short-lived bouquet. But you must take care of that flowers are fresh cut today. Otherwise, you will find helpless to maintain its longer shelf life. I love flowers, so I am going to apply these tricks from now. Hope you guys also do the same.


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