Seven Widely Usable Plants Known As Medical Plants

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Widely Usable Pants known as medical plants


Health is wealth, if you do not care for it, you will not get a worthy and healthy life ahead. Many depend on allopathic medicines which are very dangerous to our body parts, it damages our sense organs. Medicinal plants are the best alternate of it. It provides the fresh and clean air surround the house as well helps you protecting from various health issues. We have followed some of the medicinal plants here to grow your garden.

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1. Lavender




Lavender is best considered as a medicinal plant. You can see there are tons of lavender products available in ayurvedic medicines. Like lavender essential oil, lavender soap, lavender crème, lavender herbal tea. They all are beneficial to reduce any type of disease. Lavender essential oil is to remove the fatigue and stress, lavender soap and crème for skin disorder and lavender tea are to uplift the mood. You can use lavender flowers after sun drying it. You can use this to make a herbal tea and taking your feet into lavender petals filled the warm water bucket.


2. Marigold




Marigold flower petals are good for health. When they dried it is used as a herbal tea or toppings on various desserts and salads. Marigold tea treats fever, menstrual cramps, and muscle pain. Marigold oil is used to treat swollen parts. it is also used to heal burnt and wounded body parts. It has a great anti-inflammatory agent which helps in improving the growth of new blood vessels as well as treating skin allergies.


3. Peppermint




Peppermint is known for its distinct taste and herbal benefits. Generally, its leaves are used to remove bad breath and treating a respiratory infection. Peppermint has a good anti-inflammatory and antibacterial agents to help in improving metabolism. Science has approved that it has an important chemical called methanol. Methanol decreases the risk of spreading prostate cancer in the body. it is easily available in any nursery and easy to grow in any particular soil.


4. Ginger




Ginger is a popular herb all around the world. Especially in India, you can’t take a sip of tea without ginger. Ginger has a certain taste that uplifts the mood. Besides this, it is best used in treating nausea, gastritis and treating sinus infections as well. The dried ginger powder is used in many sweets. Fresh ginger has a better antibacterial, antiviral and antioxidant properties. It is useful in treating cancer, diabetes and respiratory diseases too. Its anti-inflammatory actions help in removing joint pain and arthritis.


5. Dandelion




Dandelion has yellow blooming flowers most probably grows in South Africa. Mandolin stems, flowers, and leaves all are edible. It has the best antioxidant property which helps in cleaning tonic for blood vessels. More on it helps in balance sugar level and LDL and HDL level in the body. Taking a dandelion tea in every morning reduces the risk of gallstones and also helps in curing lever problems.


6. Basil




Basil is a divine herb mostly used in prayers in Hindu rituals. In India, people grow this plant and worship it every day. Basil plants freshen up the air removing harmful toxins from the air. Basil tea is useful in removing cough and cold. Basil leaves are used to serve in soups, salads, and desserts. You will find so many basil syrups helps in removing throat infection. Basil tea also helps in treating liver disease. Basil oil is used to remove the back pain, ankle pain, and arthritis. There are endless remedies of Basil. Good news is that it is easily available in any nursery and you can easily grow it to any soil.


7. Garlic




Garlic is the most wanted spice of people all over the world. You can not find any savory dish served without garlic. Garlic is so good at improving immunity and fight against the cancer infections. It has a vitamin B6, Vitamin C, Manganese and fiber which helps in detoxifying the body and prevents allergic infection. If one is suffering from a toothache chew the garlic, it will instantly get good relief in pain.


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There are so many medicinal plants available in the world; we have brought you some of the very important and useful plants. These plants are not so attractive by looks, but they are good at curing various types of diseases. We have displayed plants which are easily available in the nursery and you can afford to buy them and grow in your kitchen garden.


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