How to Revive Dying but Salvageable Plants

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How to Revive Dying but Salvageable Plants


Your plant might sometimes suddenly start drooping its leaves or become brown but you cannot really figure out what is wrong with the plant. It would be thriving but not growing well or blooming well. There are many ways to diagnose a dying plant through its symptoms and you can also cure it. There many different ways to figure out what went wrong and why it happened and how you can save it. So even if your beloved plant in on its last legs do not give up on it because we are here with some amazing top 7 tips to revive your dying plant.


1) Water or Don’t Water


water or dont water


It is very important to provide the plant right amount of water that is not too much and not too little. If you have the plant that originates from desert areas, it requires little watering and the ones that originate from tropics require more watering. The plant that requires too little water should be watered slowly till the soil feels damp again and the pot should also be put in a shallow plate of water for a few minutes. The one that requires too much water should be kept away from direct sunlight and water it every third or fourth day.


2) Repot your plant


repot your plant


If you see your plant is stooping down or not growing well you can repot the plant. Use good or high-quality indoor plant potting mix so the plant is revitalized. You can choose a wider pot than the last time so that the plant has enough space to grow and will get even more nutrients than before. If the plant is dehydrated you can also add some water storing crystals that would help it stay hydrated. You can order lovely flowers from the online flower shop and surprise your loved ones on their important occasions with the same.


3) Proper Sunlight


proper sunlight


If the plants are overexposed to the sun the leaves would turn dry and yellowish-brown. To save the plant you can trim the dead leaves of the plant and move the plant to the place where it does not receive direct sunlight either indoors or near the window. Whereas when the plant does get proper sunlight the green leaves will become lifeless and start drooping. For this, you can move the plant to an area where it will get more sunlight.


4) Proper Fertilization


proper fertilization


Just like humans plants also require a nutritional boost once in a while. So if you notice the leaves of the plant are discolored or its stem is limp your plant required fertilization. While fertilizing there would be issues of under or over-fertilization, for this you can use slow-release fertilizers and follow the instructions on the label closely. Thus essential nutrients that are given to the plant through fertilization are so important after watering and sunlight. The plant will grow well in soil with high nutritional value.


5) Trim your plant


trim your plant


Another most important thing is to trim the plant. So if there is any damage to the roots, you can trim the leaves. The roots won’t be able to carry the heavyweight of leaves and foliage and so once you cut the leaves the plant won’t have to work too hard to carry the leaves and foliage. Sometimes weeds will also grow along with your plant and all the nutrients and water are absorbed by it leaving your plant undernourished. Thus trim the plant leaves and stems regularly along with removing the weeds so the plant can grow well and live a new life.


6) Move your plant


move your plant


The plant would stop growing or turn brown due to so many reasons like getting too much sun or getting no sun. When the plant will get too much sunlight the leaves are looking dry and brittle or the leaves have light or dark patches on it move it to a different place. When the plant won’t get enough light the leaves will turn small and pale so you can move the plant to a place with better light conditions. Send romantic flowers to USA to your beloved living miles away from you and convey your love through gorgeous romantic blooms.


7) Wipe your plant


wipe your plant


Cleaning and wiping the plant is also very important because the plant might get invaded with insects. So when you wipe the plant and leaves with a mild soap or solution the insects would be removed and they will start growing again. Thus keep your plants clean and by dusting or wiping its leaves gently and you should also check for bugs regularly. You can also wash the plant with warm water to remove as many bugs as possible or you can use horticultural oil or insecticidal soap. Reach the undersides of the leaves and also be careful to reach the crevices and make sure the whole plant is cleaned properly.


We hope these amazing and life-saving tips will help you revive your plants and make your garden or home spaces greener once again.


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