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7 Quickly Growing Flowers for an Instant Garden

Posted by Ocillious 27th June 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Quickly Growing Flowers for an Instant Garden


Fruits and vegetables feed the body but the colorful blooms feed the soul. Flowers are not only beneficial to us humans but so many insects too as they get their nutrition from flowers. Spring is the best season to grow fast-growing flowers so that you have a lush green garden for the rest of the year. So if you are also someone who loves having a flower garden but does not have much patience then you are in the right place. Your garden would be pop of color in no time and you can enjoy this beauty in your garden or backyard. Also for the beginners, it is very difficult to take care of flowering plants because they are new to it sometimes the plant initially grows but then dries out so the best option for the novice gardeners is the quick-growing flowers so that they can enjoy thriving. Thus we are here with some 7 quickly growing flowers so that you can get an instant garden without investing years behind it.


1) Nigella



These flowers are commonly called love in a mist and they feature pastel-colored flowers that are framed by lacy foliage. These flowers mature into exotic seed pods for dried arrangements. The determined plants grow steadily in the cool spring weather and it also starts blooming in the early summer. These flowers have feathery foliage and they look great softening the base of a fence and they make excellent neighbors for the taller flowers. So if you are looking for pastel flowers these are one of the ideal choices. This is a list of some quick blooming flowers so plant these flowers if you want to get a garden ready in very less time.


2) Sweet Alyssum

Sweet Alyssum


This is the favorite flower of hoverflies and many other insects and its botanical name are Lobularia maritime. This is a low growing plant and is perfect for containers or growing along the walkway. It is also great for softening the edges of the beds. Different flower variety has different fragrance and the flower smells strongest during the evening. Get a list of best annual flowers from our online gift store and plant them so that your garden remains blooming all around the year. Send flowers online to your friends and relatives for various special occasions and festivals to convey your greetings. 


3) Annual Phlox

Annual Phlox


This is a tough little hardy annual and its botanical name is Phlox drummondil. These flowers are native to Texas which has been bred into a beautiful cut flower. Butterflies seek out the nectar-rich flowers and the new blossoms keep coming even though there are early-season heatwaves or dry spells. You can know some flowers for cutting the garden from our online gift site so that you can grow those flowers for a beautiful garden.


4) Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea


These are ruffled blossoms with slender tendrils and they look best when they climb on fences, trellises or arbors. These blossoms like cool weather and so the gardeners plant them in early spring in the northern climates but the southern dwellers are wise to plant these blooms in the fall. Soak the seeds of these plants before planting. We love these blooms because it has an intoxicating smell which is a mix of honey, jasmine, and orange.


5) Marigold



These flowers are the bright blossoms of yellow, orange, and mahogany colors and these will show themselves within eight weeks of sowing. For getting the best results to plant these marigolds in full sun and in well-drained soil. The interesting thing is these blooms flourish in poorer soil and no fertilizer is necessary. We love these blooms because they are a perfect addition to any garden with no wilt demeanor and deer steer is also clear of it. 


6) Morning Glory

Morning Glory


These flowers have that old fashioned charm and they are trumpet-shaped flowers. These flowers are available in pink, white, purple, blue, and magenta. And it is everyone’s favorite because it is a quick-growing vine. You can file of chip the outer coat of the seed with a sharp knife or razor and soak those seeds on warm water for a day or two before planting them for best germination results. These flowers have bright green leaves that complement the flowers even more and have heart-shaped foliage.


7) Petunias



These flowers are pest resistant and are easy to please. You can have these flowers in endless colors and you can grow these flowers for their fragrance. Heir loom strains such as old fashioned vining petunia give out lily-like perfume at dusk and the award-winning evening sensation that blooms in goes with everything that is in the shade of blue. You can make same day flower delivery to your near and dear ones for important occasions from our online gift store if you have forgotten to send gifts prior to them.


We hope these quickly growing flowers are perfect for an instant garden so that you can have a garden ready in no time.


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