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Valentine’s Day is popular in the foreign countries. People celebrate 14th February as Saint Valentine’s Day. It is celebrated worldwide on the honour of Saint Valentine. It symbolizes to promote the in depth love and eternity between two companions.  it is celebrated by exchanging flowers to each other. Rose  is the best flower to express the love. But now the scenario is changed. There are so many other flowers that express the emotions faster. Here are some lovable flower shades that can recreate the emotions in a great manner. So lets talk about it. Are you in search to send roses online for valentine? You have come to the exact place. Buy and send roses bouquet from here.


Tulips with Their Different Shades:


Different shades of Tulips


Tulips bulbs looks so beautiful when hand delivered to someone you love. Tulips is popular for its unmatched beauty and fragrance. There are different meanings of different shades of Tulips.

·         Red : red tulips represents “believe in love” emotion.

·         White : White tulips identifies purity, innocence and humility.

·         Cream : Cream colour shows “I will love you forever”.

·         Yellow: presents friendship and happiness

·         Orange: symbolize the the mutual connection between two people.

·         Purple: Symbolize royalty and nobility

·         Pink: for expressing good wishes and happiness to ideal friend.

Colourful Carnation Flowers:


colourful of carnations


Carnations are a favourite flower of lady. It is a prominent flower of UK. It comes in the vivid range and shades of colour. Here are the symbolical meanings of carnation shades.

·         Pink represents “I will always stay there for you.”

·         Red shows “my heart aches for you.”

·         Purple identifies capriciousness.

·         White symbolizes sweet and lovely emotions

Beautiful Roses:


Flowers Roses of all colors


Since long years rose is the flower to express the eternity between two people. Rose express the unspoken message in the sweet manner. Each colour of rose has its own fascination and inspiration.

·         Red Rose: It is a Valentine Day flower to represent the deep love.

·         White Rose: It identifies the innocence and humility.

·         Yellow Rose: Yellow expresses jealousy and also to represent friendship.

·         Pink Rose : Pink adores feminine gender and expresses gentleness.

·         Orange Rose :  it encourages enthusiasm and desire.

·         Lilac and Purple: it symbolizes the enchantment and desire.

Lilies: A great flower for Valentine:


If you are looking for the ideal flower for your valentine, lilies is a great choice. It states love, devotion, admiration and thoughtfulness. Lilies flower expresses faithfulness and eternal love. Lilies are a great flower for valentine. It symbolizes the chastity and virtue. Fragrant lilies bouquet, Asiatic lilies bouquet to elegant calla lilies are great flowers to send  a gift to your loved one. Lilies adorable beauty signifies the adolescent love and faith. It inspires to fall in love, to shorten the distance. Its adorable fragrance will uplift the mood of your dear one. It shows hidden commitment and loyalty between two people. Lilies bouquet is an appropriate choice for the last minute gift.

Send Beauty of Orchids:


Orchid is a simple but yet stunning flower to represent the strength of love and emotion. Orchid arrangements symbolize the purity, love and faith in relationship. There are several types of orchid potted plants and orchid bouquets available to send a gift of love. Orchid is a “thinking of you flower”. It is a great choice to send a gift for the one who live in a long distance relationship. Bring the communication of deep eternity and faith via this gift. Orchids come in different shades and colour. Buy and send colorful orchids and express your deepest love and emotion to your family and friend. Pamper your loved one by sending beautiful orchids bouquet to one you love from the bottom of the heart. 


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