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Most Fragrant and Beautiful Flowers for mom on Mother’s Day

Posted by Ocillious 17th March 2020 0 Comment(s)

Most Fragrant and Beautiful Flowers for Mom on Mother

If your mother loves blooms and especially the ones that smell sweet then you have landed up at the right place. Mother’s Day is approaching and you should be ready with different surprises and gifts to treat your mother for this special day. Out of all the gifts, the best gift which our mother would love is flowers. Flowers are the most traditional yet classiest gift. Even a small bouquet of your Mother’s favorite flower can make her so happy. Through these flowers, you can convey various emotions to your mother and surprise her with the blooms of her favorite color. Moms deserve all the love and honor all year long but for Mother’s Day, you must treat them in an extra special way. Thus greet your mother with most fragrant and beautiful flowers for Mother’s Day.


1) Lavender




These flowers are known for their calming and soothing effect. These flowers are usually used in bath products and even in perfumes. It is one of the best smelling flowers on the list and they are often included in the beautiful bouquets. So you can surprise your mother with a lavender bouquet or mixed flower arrangements which has lavender in it. This flower bouquet will sure delight your mother on this special day that is dedicated to celebrating mothers. Choose from trending mother’s day flowers to surprise your favorite woman that is your mother for Mother’s Day this year. 


2) Freesia




Freesias are also called Peruvian Lilies and you can recognize these flowers through its scent. They have a very fruity smell and they are available in so many different colors. You can pair these flowers with roses and surprise your mother with a beautiful flower bouquet for Mother’s Day. These flowers are often paired with orchids for Mother’s Day flower arrangement. These wonderful fragrant blooms will be the reminder of how much you love her. You can order traditional flowers for Mother’s Day and surprise your mom with evergreen blooms on this very special day that is dedicated wholly to mothers around the globe.


3) Gardenias




Gardenias are quite delicate and very pretty blooms. Your mother would absolutely love a bouquet of Gardenias for Mother’s Day. These flowers can bruise easily and so they have to be handled with care and undoubtedly their scent is just amazing. You can also surprise your mother with Gardenia plant, these flowers look as well as smells great. Thus present a bunch of gardenias for Mother’s Day as it is a lovely way to show your mom that you care for her and love her.


4) Pink Roses


Pink Roses


Pink roses are considered unofficial flowers of Mother’s Day.  In the traditional language of flowers, they represent deep devotion and gratitude. Thus a bouquet of pink roses is perfect to greet your Mother for Mother’s Day. It is proven that flowers can elevate the mood of anyone and so it will also lighten the mood of your mother. Classic pink roses thus are one of the best flowers for Mother’s Day which not just looks pretty but also smells great. Send roses to your beloved and convey your love and affection to them through stunning and gorgeous roses.


5) Chrysanthemums




You can find these beauties in full bloom in the season of autumn. Thus these flowers are readily available during Mother’s Day. These flowers are special for Mother’s Day also because they have mum in its name. These are bright, bold and cheery blooms that are available in a wide range of colors. So you can choose pink, yellow, red, white or orange-colored flowers in a nice bouquet as Mother’s Day gift to your mother.


6) Carnations




One of the most common flowers for Mother’s Day all around the globe is Carnations. These flowers are perfect for mothers and grandmothers because they like sweet, pretty flowers in different colors. These types of flowers add a classic touch to any flower arrangement and help you convey your wishes to your dear mothers and mother-like figures. The white color carnation symbolizes purity and honor and thus they make perfect blooms for your mom. You can get the best flower to give mom from our wide range of flowers and flower arrangements that will help you convey your heartiest wishes to your dearest mother.


7) Peony




These flowers come in the shades of white, pink, red and sometimes even purple. These flowers make great arrangements for your mother for Mother’s Day. These flowers represent a variety of things like good fortune, honor and so many other feelings. You can greet your mother with a showy centerpiece made out of these blooms. The plus point is they smell so good. So if you are searching for a flower that looks good as well as smells good you can choose this one. Buy flowers online and send it to your near and dear ones for special occasions and festivals to convey your wishes. 


We hope these fragrant and beautiful flowers help you convey your Mother’s Day wishes to your mom in the best way.


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