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Most Beautiful Blue Flowers and their Meaning

Posted by Ocillious 09th May 2019 0 Comment(s)


Flowers are one of the most intrinsic and pretty creations in the Universe. Their bright colours make them more attractive and lively. Different colours of flowers convey different feeling and dfferent flowers represent different attributes. One can stare at flowers for hours and not feel bored. You can take time to praise this beauty of nature and feel calm and happy with its presence around you. Blue colour represents intelligence, tranquillity, and spirituality and also our sky is blue. No wonder blue is above all the colours and also everyone’s favorite. Thus here we are to give you insights on most beautiful blue flowers and let you know what do they mean and represent.


1. Bluestar


These flowers are one of the brightest blue flowers. The plants produce star-shaped flowers in clusters that are delicate as well as vibrant. They would look breathtaking in your backyard and you can decorate the same on your dinner table. These flowers are associated with desire and inspiration, they also represent trust and commitment which makes them wonderful flowers to greet your loved ones with and let them know hidden emotions through these flowers.


2. Periwinkle



Periwinkle has been one of the prettiest flowers since early ages and apart from that have benefitted humans in so many ways. This flower represents early friendship so you can gift these flowers to your new friends and start a beautiful relationship. These flowers are often grown as grown cover and also used as attractive foliage to decorate different flowers bouquets. Also, these flowers are drought resistant and grown in partial shade.


 3. The Himalayan Blue Poppy Rose



This plant is native to South-eastern Tibet and sometimes gets difficult to grow outside in other regions. They are familiar to orange opium poppy with a vibrant cerulean blue hue. The symbolism of poppy varies from country to country but it mostly represents beauty, success, luxury, and other very deep emotions. These flowers have played an important role in medicine. Religion, politics, mythology and haven’t left any field. Make roses delivery and express your love and affection to your better half on the special occasion of your anniversary.


4. Forget Me Nots


These flowers are one of the flowers of the oldest times that represent true love and remembrance. Around the 15th century, people used to pin these flowers on their attires so that their dear ones would not forget them. These flowers can easily brighten up your yard in blue with a yellow bud in the center. They are well grown in northern hemispheres and blossoms from May through October and make your garden bright and colourful.


 5. Blue Hydrangea



Who doesn’t love hydrangeas and that too in blue colour, they sure look dreamy. These hydrangeas grow in bulk and populate the large bushes. They are both dark and sky blue colours so you can also create an ombre effect in your backyard or garden with these lovely hydrangeas. These flowers represent heartfelt emotions like a deep desire for someone, apology, frigidity, and gratefulness to the recipient.


 6. Blue Orchids



Blue Orchids are the symbol of luxury and also one of the hardest breeds to grow. These flowers also represent virility and strength. These blue orchids are of different varieties like the phalaenopsis orchid, blue mystique orchid, the royal blue phal, etc. Its scientific name is Vanda coerulea and chronicled in Asian countries. It is also believed that blue orchids are produced through cross-breeding and that too with the help of some dye, but these flowers do occur in nature.


7. Morning Glory



These flowers are found in different shades of blue colour. These flowers are mostly used for wedding arrangements and other royal decorations. Also, these flowers get their name from the fact that it dies by night and blooms in the morning. These flowers have so much importance in Chinese folklore and thus signify love, affection, and mortality so gift your lover these beautiful flowers to express your love to them. order flower online for special occasions to greet your loved ones and spreading joy through beautiful blooms.

 We hope now you have adequate information on the most beautiful blue flowers along with knowing their meaning.

 A blue flowers symbolism of joy, love & inspiration. blue is above all the colours and also everyone’s favorite. Here, most beautiful blue flowers & their meaning.


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