Memorable Event in Los Angeles for Mom on Mother's Day

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Memorable Event in Los Angeles for Mom on Mother's Day  


Mother’s Day is around the corner and we are all set up for our grand celebration. We are sure that your plans are all ready to surprise her. But in case you are thinking to take her on a holiday, we are here to help you out. There are many places where you can take your mother for vacations. But the best place to celebrate Mother’s Day in Los Angeles, USA. The Mother’s Day is actually an American holiday by origin. So here are few of the memorable moments to make your mother’s ‘Mother’s Day’ a remarkable one.


1) Sugar & Stilettos Bake Sale Extravaganza 


Sugar & Stilettos Bake Sale Extravaganza


When food and fashion come together, nothing can beat the deadly combination. During Mother’s Day vacation in Los Angeles, 2306 Midvale Avenue is the right place to be at the right time. It is full of LA’s topmost bakery and restaurants. Milo and Olive, Bouchon- all are serving with their delicacies. Restaurant Sweet Lady Love goes on sale during this festival on their bakery treats. Plus there are extra raffle items to make your mom go crazy in desire. What you can consider as an advantage is a free car parking on street. So wrap your back-pack and fly to LA to celebrate Mother’s Day.


2) ‘MOM’entum Place 


‘MOM’entum Place


This place is perfect for none but mothers. The name itself carries the MOM. When you were little, you used to drag your parents to fairs and magic shows. Now, bring back your old habit. Drag your mother down to the ‘momentum place to make her Mother’s Day bright and merry. It will bring the ‘fantasy lover’ self of your mom. It is full of dancers and magicians performing in the honor of mothers in an open amphi-theatre. There is a compliment to moms buys serving an occasional pre-performance branch.


3) Tea and Tour at the Castle Green


Tea and Tour at the Castle Green


Mothers never express but they are fan-girls of old Hollywood movie locations too. The serenity, the perfection of architecture-everything allures them. Do not waste this Mother’s Day opportunity to discover the Victorian Castle Green in LA. This castle is a late 19th-century asset which is not at all open for exploring at the normal time. But n the occasion of Mother’s Day, one can explore every majestic domes and arch of this building. Do not forget to tack on tea time in the afternoon that costs a few bucks more. When your mother waits for the tea on the porch, surprise yours by a mother’s day flower gift.


4) Renaissance Pleasure Faire


Renaissance Pleasure Faire


This is the place where chivalry still reigns. This Mother’s Day, let your mother know about your dedication to her. Bring her out in the costumes of the oldest Ren Faire and convey your respect to her. Also, there are 20 Irwin dale acres full of liberation and amusement events. Your mother will love the kind of prestige she will get in the event. You can always send flowers in Los Angeles as Mother’s Day gift to convey your chivalry to your mother. Online flower deliveries provide brilliant job of sending flowers at the ordered place.


5) Wild for the Planet


Wild for the Planet


 A zoo is always a cool place to hang-out with your mother. On this Mother’s Day, take your mother to the LA zoo for entertainment. To celebrate the elongated Earth Day, there are educational walks and value presentations. Besides, there is a puppet show. This will make your Mom nostalgic about her childhood memory. She will love to watch the funny animals. But royal animals like a tiger will make her see the reflection of her pride.


Mothers always stuck so much in their duties that they rarely leave the house. This Mother’s Day, take her out in the world and let her breathe some fresh air. For that, LA will be the perfect place.


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