Make Your Home Better than Before by Having these Indoor Plants

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Indoor plants to decorate home


You want to enhance the decoration of the room but you also like things add life. well, indoor plants are the best choice. They just not makeover the room or walls but also help in freshen up the home. The tropical beauty is always good and it can also be suggested for the modern type of decoration. We are surrounded by toxins like air freshener spray, furniture smell and so many more. Houseplants just not beautify the space but also help in sprucing up the beauty of the room or kitchen. Here we got you amazing Indoor plants for home décor to guide you on what type of plant will bring picturesque beauty to your home.


1. Chinese money plant


Chinese money plant

when we talk about money plants our mind just thinks about the long heart-shaped trails. No this is a different and very short succulent plant. It is called a money plant because of its coin-shaped leaves. It has thin short stalks and fatty coin-shaped leaves grow in a circular shape. This is a drought-tolerant plant that can be grown in any type of weather condition. It needs water only when the soil gets dried. This can be used to grow in a decorative round-shaped container. This can be used to decorate the center table, dining table, or bedside table.


2. Donkey tail plant


Donkey tail plant


Donkey tail plant is also named as burro’s tail or sedum morganianum. It is a succulent perennial long trail that resembles a donkey’s tail. This needs direct sunlight and less water to produce long thick fleshy blue-green leaves. It’s a flowering plant and grow pink or red flowers in summer. This trailing plant can be used to make beautiful fleshy hair of any artistic sculpture just as shown in the picture. If you are in the mood to send flowers on a special occasion please contact us to use for order flowers online.


3. Asparagus Fern plant


 Asparagus Fern plant


Asparagus has thin, very soft, and feathery leaves. This is an ornamental plant use to improve the beauty of homes and offices. This fern plant easily grows in plastic or ceramic pots. You can also grow it in hanging pots. Fern plants grow in full sunlight at moderate temperatures. You can also create one green bed inside the home using a wide rectangular box container. Fern plant can be also used to decorate the window side, kitchen area, balcony, and stairs. But if you wish to see how to take care of office plant you can watch guidelines from the online nursery shop.


4. Corn plant


Corn plant

The corn plant is most used in homes and offices for decoration purposes. The corn plant has long striped white and green leaves. Their long and spiky leaves on the long stems are the centers of attraction. Corn plant resembles the shape of the plant of corn and this is why it is named corn plant. Corn plant grows up to 7 ft with long and thick stems. If you are a beginner and you want to grow houseplant I must say you must go on with this beautiful corn plant.


5. Ficus I Shape Bonsai plant


Ficus I Shape Bonsai plant

This is one of the most recommended Shade-loving plants for decoration in homes and offices. Ficus plant leaves work on purifying the surrounded air. Also, it helps in absorbing the toxins like benzene, xylene and so many more. It grows like a tree but it doesn’t grow much like a tree. This miniature bonsai tree can be easily fit on the center table or enhance the corner of the home. This can survive for a longer duration with the utmost care.


6. Schefflera Plant


Schefflera Plant

Schefflera plant is an ornamental plant use to decorate the corners of homes or offices. Schefflera grows like a mini tree and leaves form a star shape that gives a tropical feel to the home. It has thick and shiny leaves that absorb most of the toxins from homes. you need a wide round container to adjust the roots and grow a good cluster of leaves.


7. Burgundy Rubber Tree


Burgundy Rubber Tree

Another plant has green and dark green leaves but this is a unique and different plant. This rubber tree is decorative and attractive too. The rich burgundy red color small leaves then transform into shiny black color. It has fatty thick rubbery leaves that absorb most of the toxins and filters the air. Not only it can survive without water for one week. But it keeps smiling always in low water conditions too. direct or indirect it can survive in all types of weather conditions.


8. Tropical Hibiscus Plant


Tropical Hibiscus Plant


Cut flowers can stay at home for some time. With tropical hibiscus plants, you can enjoy watching beautiful blooms grow in a nice manner. this tropical houseplant is mostly using for gift-giving purposes. It can also be used to send plants to USA during housewarming, birthday or wedding anniversary celebrations. Hibiscus flower grow in the spring month and it continues giving flowers till march.


Add some of nature’s beauty to home by decorate your home with indoor plants. It is very much easy to know about how to take care of indoor plants. You can get the proper knowledge from the nursery to see what type of plant can survive for a longer duration. Hopefully, you like this article and share it with others too.


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