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7 Long-lasting Flowers to Keep Your House Fresh & Aromatic

Posted by Ocillious 28th September 2020 0 Comment(s)

7 Long Lasting Flowers to Keep Your House Fresh & Aromatic


When you live by side of flower it instantly uplifts the senses, boosts the mood and give instant energy, Flowers are the best source of reducing stress, eliminate negativity, and make yourself calm and peaceful. Flowers just not freshen up the air but also spruce up the beauty of your home. Whether it’s the main hall, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, or dining hall you can show your symbol status by decorating homes with beautiful flower decoration. Some flowers died quickly in two or three days. Here I draw your attention towards the long-lasting flowers for indoors that keep blooming your room for 7 to 10 days. It can retain for a longer duration with perfect watering. Please check the flowers list mentioned below.


1) Cymbidium Orchid

Cymbidium Orchid


Do not worry you will not need to buy flowers every two or three days. The Cymbidium orchids can last for two weeks with perfect care. Cymbidium orchid is the species of an orchid flower. This orchid is specially used in the decoration of weddings, baby shower, and other flower-themed celebration. This orchid can stay up to 14 days with proper care. But make sure they are freshly picked and brought today from online florist in USA. Cymbidium orchids bloom in the spring and fall season. It can enhance the beauty of the center table, office desk, bedside table, and kitchen. It keeps giving a nice fragrance that leads to sleep early.

2) Fringed Tulip

Fringed Tulip

Fringed tulip has a distinctive look from tulip bulbs. These tulip petals are fringed from the top. This gives a fairy look to a tulip bulb. Fringed tulip is exclusively used for home décor. This tulip starts blooming in the spring month. this type of fringe tulip come to grow in various shapes and color. Fringe tulips grow up to 20 cm. So you will need a long cylinder-shaped vase to arrange the long-stemmed tulips. It can be the best ornamental pot to set on the center table, bedside table, dining hall.

3) Alstroemeria



You can add a fantasy of lilies in homes by decorating homes with alstroemeria plants. You will see many homes are adorned with Alstromeria plants. They are popular because their look resembles lilies. Alstroemeria flowers are mostly used in making celebration bouquets. It can be stored in the watered pots. It is one of the most scented flowers that keep spreading good aroma at home for longer duration. Alstromeria has hardy stems and durable petals that last for long durations up to two weeks. This flower needs water badly so I suggest replacing the water every day. Also, you can add some fertilization tablets so that it can retain their freshness for a long time.

4) Freesia



Freesias never go out of trend when you are wanting to transform your home in a flower scheme. Freesias are very fragrant and they can thrive for a longer duration with perfect moisture. Freesias bloom in the spring month and its shelf life is 10 days with perfect watering. Freesias look adorable on the center table. Also, it can be the best beauty in the kitchen and the bedside table. Freesias are available in light white to dark yellow ombre shade. You can also call from fragrant flower shrub for kitchen décor.

5) Clematis



You want to stand a single flower in the tall thin vase, a clematis is a nice option. Clematis is a hardy flower that can sustain for 10 to 14 days with appropriate care. Clematis is fragrant and it has wide petals that perfectly matches with the floral scheme bed and sofa and carpet. Clematis needs water every two days. Please change the water every two days. Please cut the end stem before putting it into the water. You can cut it again if you feel it is too soggy.

6) Gaillardia



You can create a good atmosphere around the home and offices by decorating it with Galliardia flowers. It is also called blanket flower. It belongs to the sunflower family. This is mainly used in making your home look beautiful and organized. The brightening shades of Galliardia flower really look pretty when embellished in the glass or designer ceramic pot. Arizona Apricot, Galliardia Burgandy, Arizona red shades, Arizona sun, Celebration are the top listed species of Gaillardia flower. If you are looking for indoor flowering plants you can visit the Canada flower delivery shop.


These are all sun-loving flowers so make sure you give them some sunny shade.


7) Zinnia



Zinnias bloom in the summer and they look spectacular when garnished in the glass vase or ceramic vase. It has vibrant shades and nice fragrance that help to remove negativity from the space. Zinnia looks like a marigold but they are not edible. Zinnias are particularly useful for making flower beds or decorating weddings, baby shower, and other celebrations. It can stay up to 14 days with appropriate care. 


You have the list of highly perfumed flowers here. All flowers just not spread heavenly aroma but also improve the beauty of homes. They are mostly used in decorating homes in the spring month. If you have a plan to grow flowers in the garden no worries you can buy flowering plants online from nursery shops. It would rather be a good choice if you are good at nurturing plants.


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