7 Last Minutes Gifts Idea for Distant Lover on Valentine’s Day

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7 last minutes gifts ideas for distant lover on valentine's day


Valentine’s Day is a universal day of love. One of the effective ways to memorize any important thing is to celebrate them. To specialize the feeling of love and to make it a forever memory, lovers celebrate the 14th day of February. Sometimes you are lucky enough to spend the special day with your love. But sometimes, you are apart from your soul-mate. Let’s not distance ruin the essence of love on this Valentine’s Day. Here are 7 best gift ideas for your distant Valentine


Send Video Note

send video note


Technology reduced the existential distance between two lovers by providing virtual proximity. Your love might be at bay from your sight and you have no way to wish him/her Valentine’s Day face to face. Make him/her feel your presence through virtual media. Sending a video note with a special Valentine’s Day wish will fill his/her heart with unspeakable joy. You can make a video and upload it on ‘YouTube’. Then you send him/her the link without giving a hint of what it is about. The video might contain sweet message of love to your lover at far with a Valentine Wish. Or you may upload a love-base interview done by your friend about your love.


Send Wonderful Flower Bouquet

send wonderful flower bouquet


Sometimes, flower expresses your feelings with more efficiency than words do. You know the choice of flowers your love likes. On this Valentine’s Day, send romantic flowers to your distant love to make them feel special. Flowers symbolize freshness. The bouquet will also express the undying spirit of your love. Flowers are the most available gift for any occasion. Valentine’s Day, the day of love is all about flowers. To make your lover feel your presence in gifts, you can send flowers to Dallas. Or any and every place your lover will be on this Valentine’s Day.


Romantic Photo Collage

Romantic Photo College


Photos create memory that you can cherish any time you want to. They are the best gifts that can make a distant lover feel strong about his/her love. When you both were together, of course you have many pictures of yourselves. Pick come of your favorites and some of his/her favorites from those pictures. Frame it in a romantic photo collage. Write your heart out on a message and attach it to the collage. Receiving such gift will make him/her feel nostalgic. But at the same time he/she will cherish those moments of togetherness and smile.


Countdown calendar

Countdown Calender


Time flies like anything in this world. Calendars and watches are the time counters. You might need to wait a little more to meet your lover. Let’s make it easier for her/him to spend those days without you. Make a personalized-handmade countdown calendar for your love. Design the dates of the calendar on unique ways. Paste your favorite snaps on each date. Sometimes add some inspirational quotes to keep the uniqueness of the calendar. You can also make a wooden watch to even count the seconds to meet your love the next time. This will make your lover feel irresistible to meet you.


Send Handmade Promise Coupons

send handmade promise coupon


When you are away from your sweet-heart, promises are the ones that keep both of you connected. The best way to surprise your lover who is at distance is to gift him/her a handmade promise book. Create a small scrap book and write down the vows/promises you share with each other or made for each other. This will make your love feel how strong your love is. Also, the promise coupons can include next short trip/tour planning as well.


Scented Candles

Scented Candles


Candles are very special souvenir to present in Love. When your love is far away from you, a scented-candle carries the essence of your love to the place your love is. There are varieties of scented-candles available online for this Valentine season. Aroma is a conveyor of good vibes and desires. When you lover receives such gift of Valentine from you, he/she will miss you more. Everyone has a special and favorite scent. Such candles with scents will remind him/her of the precious time you both spend together.


Fashion Jewelry

Fashion Jewellary


Custom jewelries are a very recent trendy gift for any occasions. When you run plan to surprise your love with something new and unique, go for the fashion jewelry. Choose a customizable jewelry and add some of your personal touch to it. You can place you and your partner’s birthday stones on the jewelry and gift it to him/her. Or you can curve both of yours’ names and send him/her. This will remind him/her forever about your devoted love.


The above 7 gift ideas will make your distance lover feel a little less lonely this Valentine’s Day. You might not be able to be with him/her on this special day. But the gifts you send will diminish your absence to him and make him/her cheerful with your memory.


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