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Just Because Gift Ideas for Family to say I am Thinking about You

Posted by Ocillious 01st September 2020 0 Comment(s)

Just Because Gift Ideas for Family to say I am Thinking About You


We all have special people in our lives. Not necessarily they have to belong to our families, but they are closer to our hearts. They are our friends, guides, teachers and many more. But when it comes to the people who will always stay with us, the family comes first. We all have a very busy schedule in life. So most of the time it happens that we have to stay away from our families. Especially, this pandemic situation has made us feel the importance of the family to us. Here is a list of just because gift ideas for family.


1) A Flower Bouquet to Spouse

A Flower Bouquet to Spouse


When one is staying apart from family for any reason, the one person whom he/she misses the most is the spouse. As they have taken an oath to be together in thick and thin, the person misses talking to his/her better half face to face. The same happens with the person who stays home. So, to make your spouse happy, you can always send his/her favorite floral bouquets on an ordinary day to surprise then and to make their day special. You can add a small message to them about how much you miss him/her. You can send just because flowers online through any floral delivery site.


2) A Bouquet of Balloons to Nieces and Nephews

A Bouquet of Balloons to Nieces and Nephews


The next people in the family whom you miss is the powerhouse of energy- the kids. If you have an elder sibling and he/she is married, your best pal in the house is your niece and nephews. As they are kids, so the best thing to send to them is some kid playing stuff like a bouquet of ' Miss You' balloons. It will be the best gift ideas for kiddos.


3) A Bluetooth Smart Watch for Elder Brother

A Bluetooth Smart Watch for Elder Brother


Even though we are stuck in our own houses now, our office has shifted to our house. And the whole day has become office hours. So, you can feel the pressure your elder brother is going through. To help him ease his office work, you can send him a Bluetooth Smart Watch. It will provide him many facilities apart from providing time. He can do his household stuff while attending important calls from offices. Or even he can Skype with colleagues from abroad while doing his important things. This would be one of the best gift ideas for a family in the lockdown.


4) A Teddy Bear to Young Sibling

A Teddy Bear to Young Sibling


If you have a younger sibling in house/family, you will feel their current situation. They are the ones who will be suffering the most as they cannot go out to play and are stuck inside the house for months. As you were his/ her good friend, you can send him/her a teddy bear as a replacement for you with whom they can share their everything. As you will send it, it will always remind them about you and give them a vibe of your presence. You can choose a teddy bear or any other soft toys with a message ‘Miss You'. You can get different varieties of these from online stuffed animal delivery.


5) Personalized Coffee Mug for Elder Sister

Personalized Coffee Mug for Elder Sister


The Elder siblings always have to take different responsibilities of families as well as the workplace. As now in this situation, work has shifted into the home, it has become difficult for them to handle the schedule. And it is making her mad. To relieve her from this unwanted stress, gift them something which works as a stress buster for her- a coffee mug. To make it more special, presto both of your pictures on them with a small inspiration message.


6) A Fruit Basket to Parents

A Fruit Basket to Parents


Parents are the ones who are always worried about you, and this situation has made them think about your safety all the time. For this, they are going under tension and stress which might cause them health problems. So a basket filled with seasonal fruits will be very tasty as well as a healthy gift for them. You can buy just because fruit basket for them from online sites.


7) A Couple T-Shirts for Uncle and Aunt

A Couple T-Shirts for Uncle and Aunt


This is perhaps the coolest gift ideas for the family person. Though it might not be a joined family, we all take care of each other. The uncle who used to play with you all the time in childhood still cares for you. And as a token of gift that you are thinking about them, you can send them a cool their picture presto couple t-shirt to bring smiles to their faces. It would be a very special gift for them.


Even though we do not speak to these people all the time, but family is always in our thoughts. Above are the best gifts for all family members to make them happy in this tough time.


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