Interesting Information about Popular Poinsettia

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Interesting Information about Popular Poinsettia


What is Poinsettia, one must be wondering? Well, Poinsettia is an ornamental shrub, with rather small and insignificant flowers, but has large, brightly colored leaves. It is mostly used in Christmas Decorations and has a whole lot of interesting stories behind it.


History of Poinsettia


The History of Poinsettia is quite interesting. It is an ornamental shrub, as you all know, and it is a native to Mexico and Central America. There, at those places, it was known as Flor de la Noche Buena or “Flower of the Holy Night”.


Then ambassador of Mexico, Joel R. Poinsett, was the one to introduce this special plant in America, in 1828. Also, his love for botany led him to cultivate the plant at his home in South Carolina and share specimens of it with friends and botanists. And that was why this plant was later christened the ‘poinsettia’ in honor of the first American to discover it, along with in 1836, Congress Declared 12 National Poinsettia Day to commemorate the death of Joel Poinsett.


Care of Poinsettia


A poinsettia that is blooming needs indirect sunlight to flourish. Also, put your plant in a room that's about 60 to 70 degrees most of the time. You have to make sure that you avoid putting your plant near a window or door where it is most likely to be susceptible to drafts. When a poinsettia is not blooming, it requires a reasonable amount of water about two to three times per week. However, if the plant is blooming, you can lessen the amount of water you give it. The leaves of a poinsettia can attract dust or dirt, so it's a good idea to give it a light mist with a spray bottle every few days. If you take special care of your poinsettia, it is bound to bloom more than once!


Color Varieties of Poinsettia


The poinsettias come in a variety of colors. Even if it is clear that red is the clear winner, there are other novelty colors as well. They include:

Ice Punch - A striking poinsettia with cranberry red foliage mixed with a frosty white center. This new variety released in 2009 has quickly become a seasonal favorite

Winter Rose - A unique ruffled bract that looks as close to a rose as a poinsettia can get! We love using it as a cut flower in arrangements for the holidays.

Polar Bear - This bright white poinsettia has a cause. A donation is made to Polar Bear International with every plant grown.

Visions of Grandeur - Extremely full, this soft peachy-pink poinsettia is a simply elegant plant for the holidays.

Fantasy - Our plant artists create these glittered and brightly colored plants by applying spray-on dyes to white, cream or other light-colored poinsettias.


Facts about Poinsettia


Not at all Poisonous – A common misconception about poinsettias is that they are a poisonous plant. While these plants should not be eaten, studies have proven they are not poisonous to either humans or animals. However, it contains a milky sap inside the stem, which most certainly causes skin irritation to some people.

It is leaves – Another myth about poinsettias is that they have brilliant red flowers. When actually the flowers are simply colored leaves, which are known as bracts. The actual flowers would be the insignificant yellow buds in the center of the colored bracts. You can definitely Send Flowers Online, which however insignificant, are very pretty and enchanting.

Sensitive to Carbon Monoxide- The poinsettias are very susceptible to carbon monoxide. If your poinsettia is wilting or losing leaves immediately upon arrival in your home, you may want to check and test your carbon monoxide levels.


Mostly usable in Christmas


It was very popularly believed to have been used as a Christmas Decoration in the 17th century, when the Franciscan monks near Taxco, Mexico included the plant in their Nativity processions.


The story of Poinsettia has a Mexican Legend as well. According to this legend, a young boy was on his way to visit the village Nativity scene en route, he suddenly realized he didn’t have any gift for the Christ Child. He gathered pretty green blossoms from the sides of the road and he brought them to the Church. For that, he was absolutely ridiculed and mocked by other children, yet when laid at the manger, a beautiful, red, star-shaped flower appeared atop the green leaves. That was the Poinsettia, and it has gained considerable acceptance as a Christmas Decoration.


They have become a worldwide holiday favorite for indoor decorating. The traditionally, original red is most popular among the types, and all of them adds a lasting, beautiful splash of color during the Christmas season. Christmas flowers delivery, along with these beautiful plant’s delivery is possible, because of its increasing popularity and wonderful looks.


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