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Inexpensive and Stunning Graduation Party Decoration Ideas

Posted by Ocillious 02nd August 2018 0 Comment(s)

Inexpensive and Stunning Graduation Party Decoration Ideas


Once in a while, the graduation ceremony comes in one’s life. This should be celebrated with full of fun. This is why we have come up with the stunning graduation balloons party decoration ideas. If you are following a low budget party you can use this article to get the hand-made decoration for the party. We have found some of the most popular ideas for graduation decoration. It will surely help you in achieving the great graduation party throughout the party time.

1. Balloons Photo Chandelier


Balloons Photo Chandelier


Balloons are always welcomed whenever the celebration happens. Balloons are like the water you can modify it and change its shape as you want. Here we will use balloons to make chandeliers. Obviously, you need a helium-filled balloon here. Pull the string of the balloon. Now you need to collect the memorable photos. Take that photos one by one and glue it on the end thread of the silk ribbon. Now let’s float it on the ceilings. Great balloons photo chandelier is ready to get the party started. If you wish you can also use LED balloons, foil balloons and so many. You can also float some letters handwritten by colleagues and friends. Here is the way to make this event memorable and extraordinary.

2. Tassel Garland


Tassel Garland


You need big sized balloons here to make the tassel garland. You need all the tassels, garlands and some interesting décor to float under the balloon. Get a big size helium-filled balloon and pull the top off the surface of the balloon. Now glue the ornaments, garlands, and tussles here. You can easily find the garlands and ornaments from the supermarket. Great tassel garland is here to boom the party.

3. Graduation Bunting Banner


 Graduation Bunting Banner


 You can make the bunting banner in a short duration. Make the cardboard and cut it in round shape. Paint this round-shaped cardboard and write letters of happy graduation in each cardboard. Now glue a stick on each letter and show it at the main entrance of the party. You can adorn this banner with tassels, silk strings, and balloons. If you want some simple decoration to get the chalkboard to write graduation and then decorate the edges with ornaments. Both ways are simple but look unique when guests are warmly welcomed with amazing crafts.


4. Graduation Photo Booth Prop


Graduation Photo Booth Prop


The photo booth is the most important part of the graduation celebration. The day of schooling will never come back again. So the graduation photos will become the keepsake for the next years to come. Get some ribbon ties, masks and graduation cap to allow everyone feels to become graduates. Or else get some school photos, graduation photos and stick them on the backdrop. A memorable backdrop will help to rejoice the special moments and capture that in their camera.

5. Confetti Banner


Confetti Banner


 If you want to sparkle the graduation here is the tantalizing decoration to do it. First of all, get the cardboard which is carved in letterforms of graduation. You will need a mod-podgy to stick the glitters on it.

Which color confetti you would love to get that color glitters from market spread a mod-podgy on the letters one side of it with paintbrush Sprinkle that glitters on all the letters. Once it dried you can use it in many ways to stick it on the welcome banner or making a garland of it.

6. Graduation Balloons Centerpiece


Graduation Balloons Centerpiece


Balloons allow great fun at the party. As we talked earlier you can get any shape and size balloon to decorate it in your own way. Find here a graduation balloon centerpiece to add extra entertainment to the party. get the big oval-shaped balloon to make a funny face out of it. Or else you can use a smiley balloon for the face. Gather 12 to 13 balloons and stick it with each other to make a balloon’s body. Now attach the smiley balloon or simple balloon on top of it. Wear a graduation cap on the face of the balloon. A masterpiece decoration is right here to become the center of attraction.


7. Graduation Party Drink


Graduation Party Drink


Obviously, this is a party to cheer and toast the glass of happiness. Wine drink is very common during this celebration. But if there are under 18 parties you must overlook alcohol. Instead, serve a cocktail or fruit beer. You can also make a corner of cocktail mixing where guests can experience several fusions of cocktails.


If you are not finding the space from where to get balloons, send balloons online shop is the right choice. You can get all types of balloons in so many sizes and shapes from online shops. Instead of hiring decorators you can find the easiest way to a décor graduation celebration. What do you think about this article; please share it with us in the comment section below.



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