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How To Keep Fresh Flowers Last Longer

Posted by Ocillious 14th May 2019 0 Comment(s)



There are many people who like the plantation, but these days due to the harsh weather and atmosphere, it is very hard to keep the plants alive. If you also like the plantation or keep the flowers fresh, then you must have to know what you have to do. If you are looking for how to keep fresh flowers last longer, then here are a few options that you can follow to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time:


1. Cut the Stems 




If you got a flower from someone special and you want to keep it fresh for a longer time, then you can cut the stems. You can use the garden shears to trim 1 or 2 inches and cut at an angle, it will allow for better water intake. You can re-trim the bouquet or your flowers once every few days.


2. Prune




To keep the flowers fresh, you must have to remove the leaves which are present below the waterline, it will prevent the flower from the bacterial growth as well as flowers will look better. Flowers like roses have the two or three outermost petals of the flower, so removing the leaves will allow the flowers to open up fully.


3. Avoid Direct Sunlight, Heat, Drafts, and Fruit 




The flowers will be fresher in the room with a cool temperature. When you want to keep your flowers fresh for a longer time, then avoid the direct sunlight or from the appliances that generate heat, so don't keep the flowers near the window area. You shouldn't display the flower near the fruits as well because the ripening fruits release the small amount of ethylene gas.


4. Change Out Water 




To keep your flowers fresh, you must have to change the water frequently. Flower won't survive long without water, and mainly when the stems of the flowers have been cut. For the fresh flowers, fill the vase with room temperature water and put the flowers in it. Use the room temperature water for the long life of the flowers. You can order flower online as well, there are many reliable websites available that deliver the best flowers.


5. Remove Dying Blooms 




It is really sad to see the flowers died, but it is true that people have to let them go. If you want to keep it alive for some more time, then removes the dying blooms and throw them away. Dying flowers give off gases that will cause a bad impact on other flowers and other flowers of the bouquet will also start dying soon.


6. Remove Lower Foliage 


If you really want to keep your flowers fresh for a long time, then it is a very important step. Ensure that all the leaves below the water level will be removed because that will start to rot and it causes bacteria to form in the water that will clog the stems. And once the stems get clogged, then the stems can’t get the water, which is not good for the flowers and if the flowers don’t get the water properly, then there will be high chances of flower died early.


These are some steps that one can follow to keep the flowers fresh for a longer time. Sometimes flower or bouquet is really precious when we get it from someone special, and because of that, we love to keep it with us for a longer time. If you also feel the same and want to save it for a longer time, then you can follow the above steps to get the right result and you will have the presence of flowers for a longer time.


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