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Best Housewarming Party Ideas to Celebrate the New Beginning

Posted by Ocillious 11th August 2020 0 Comment(s)

Best Housewarming Party Ideas to Celebrate the New Beginning


We as human beings have a lot of dreams in our lives to fulfill. Sometimes these are smaller achievements, sometimes they are bigger ones. But, each one of them is very much important to you. Amongst these dreams, there is one common dream that most of us share. It is to have our own home. It can be an apartment or a house- whatever but something that we can proudly say ‘ours’ with celebration. You would love to arrange a housewarming party with your closest ones. Here are some of the best party ideas to celebrate new beginnings.

1) Plan Ahead

Plan Ahead


Nothing in this world goes beyond planning. Yes, there is an even higher chance of failing to execute the planning, but that only leads us to the more neat and calculative planning. For housewarming parties, you need to first choose a friendly date on which each one of your beloved would be able to attend the party. Secondly, the venue is very important. As it is a housewarming party, home is the best place. But you might choose an open house party as your house is not finished. It is to arrange a party near the house where anyone can visit the house any time from the party spot. Then come to food and decoration.


2) Choose a Theme

Choose a Theme


The theme is the most trending part that is going on for any kind of celebration. A housewarming party would be perfect if you have an innovative theme. One can be an open house theme party where guests will help decorating your house. It can be a give-away party where the guests will be bringing food to have a celebrated get together. Or it can be an unwrapping and decorating party where guests will lend their hands in unpacking and giving a finishing touch to your interior decoration. These are very unique party theme decorations for this occasion.


3) Decorate the House with Flowers and Balloons

Decorate the House with Flowers and Balloons


If you are looking for the simplest yet efficient decorative props for your housewarming party, then balloons are the best choice. These are simple, colorful and its airy, inflated look makes it everyone’s favorite. They are colorful as well so you can choose them according to the house painting or party theme. And flowers are the best combination with the balloons. Both can be used as ‘thank you gift’ for the guests after the party. You can buy housewarming flowers online along with the balloons. 


4) Arrange Food and Drinks

Arrange Food and Drinks


Any party becomes special for spending quality time with quality people. But what they mention every time they talk about it is the food. So, the eating arrangement must go on top of the level. As there will be guests with different tastes, you must introduce a lot of dishes- from starters to snacks to the main course to desserts. And of course, drinks will set the status. You can arrange a small bar in the corner of your drawing room. That would be good party ideas on a budget.


5) Play Games

Play Games


Housewarming parties do have a lot of stuff to do. But ‘All work and no play make Jack a dull boy’- is equally true. SO, in amidst the working schedule, there has to be a little fun activity. Games are an amazing choice. Some common games that have been ruling the party list are dirt, dumb’s words, guess the name, passing the ball, musical chair, truth and dare and many more can bring real fun to the work. Your guests will never feel tired and will enjoy the work. Sometimes, karaoke sessions also work as a heal.


6) Serve Desserts

Serve Desserts


Every good thing ends with a sweet note, So, does the parties. A variety of sweet dishes will complete the set of the mood of your housewarming party that you have been planning for so long. Deserts have a lot of varieties; even different countries/places have different tastes of the ending dish- the deserts. If you can arrange for international cuisine-deserts, then that would be a greater surprise for the guests as well. If your guests are so special and know what you will need, they can send housewarming balloons at your address as well.


7) Give Return Gifts to Your Guests

Give Return Gifts to Your Guests


It is always humble to be grateful to the guests for making the party successful with their presence. So, an appreciation gift, a thank you gift, or a return gift- whatever you want to name is a very important part of this housewarming party. It can be a bouquet, it can be a bouquet of balloons or even a bar of chocolates-all with a small hand-written thank you note on them. All these are the best housewarming return gift ideas for this occasion.


Owning a house is happiness, and celebrating it with the closest ones makes it remarkably happy. Above are the best housewarming party ideas for celebrating new beginnings.


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