Really! : 15 House Plants that You Can’t Kill Easily

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House Plants that You can't Kill Easily


Have you heard about the plants that grow in less light and less water? If not, then we are discussing about the plants that cannot die easily with lack of water and light. These plants are used as ornamental plants and can easily be grown inside the house.


Studies have shown that these plants reduce allergies and purify the air. It also provides calming effect in the surroundings where it is present. You can get all these benefits with minimum work and hassle.


These plants are perfect to grow when you need a garden and don’t have much time. Many of these plants also bears colorful flowers that make your living house, bedroom and office just awesome. These plants are drought tolerant, have beautiful blooms and reliable.


Now you can have a mini garden in your house that does not require much care. The flowers are colorful that increases the positivity in the house.You can pick these plants that will not die. These plants are easy to carry and can survive when ignored.


1. Peperomia


Paperromia Plants


  • This plant has spiky projections.
  • This is a waxy plant that thrive in humid conditions.
  • This species flourishes in fluorescent light.
  • This plant require very little water.
  • It grows in indirect sunlight.
  • A very tough plant that grows in very minimum conditions.


2. Air Plants 


Air Plants


  • These plants grow without soil.
  • It require water for 2-3 hours in every 10 days.
  • They even don’t require sunlight.
  • They are the perfect plant for indoor.
  • This plant cannot be destroyed.
  • They are very simple ornamental plants.
  • These plants are the best ornamental plant that thrives only on air.
  • This plant can be placed in a wooden container.
  • You can hang it on the wall in your bedroom, lining room or office.


3. Spider Plants 


Spider Plants


  • Fastest growing shoots that produces little babies.
  • You can plant these spider plants elsewhere too.
  • Place them at well-lit areas.
  • They require watering on the weekly basis.
  • They are easy to grow plants.
  • Each of these plantlets can be rooted in small pot.
  • These plants never die, require very less care.
  • Enjoy the sight of this beautiful plant after a long night sleep.
  • It brings the positivity while starting your day.


4. Peace Lily


Peace Lily Plants


  • It grows between 1-6 feet tall.
  • These are the powerful plant that filter toxins from air.
  • They add vibrant and lush greenery to the house.
  • They are impossible to kill.
  • They show the signs of drooping when require water.
  • It purifies the air.
  • They are very beautiful plants that can add beauty to your personal space.
  • As these plants will not die easily, so you can place this plant on your desk in office.


5. Orchid Plants


Orchid Flowers Plants


  • Orchids are very easy to grow.
  • They require very less care.
  • Plant and forget them.
  • Orchids are required to soak in water once in every two weeks.
  • They can survive indoor. They just require indirect sunlight.
  • Orchid blooms lasts for 8-10 weeks when treated in the right way.
  • The flowers are very beautiful.
  • These flowers are used for gifting on the special occasions like wedding, birthday, marriage anniversary and much more.
  • So, you can gift these plants to your loved ones.
  • Send Orchids Plants to your friends, family members, friends, and loved ones.


6. Succulents


Succulents Plants


  • They are the beautiful ornamental plant.
  • It survives in drought like conditions.
  • Not much care is required.
  • It is the must have in every household.
  • It is a low maintenance plant that require very less water.
  • It does not require moist soil on daily basis.
  • You can keep the plant in bright and indirect sunlight.
  • Water the plant when soil looks completely dry.
  • These plants store water in their fleshy leaves.
  • Place these plants as centerpiece on your dining table or side table in your bedroom.


7. Pothos Plant


Pothos Plants


  • They are kept indoor.
  • They are one of the best ornamental plant for your personal space.
  • They don’t require direct sunlight.
  • They are the versatile plant that can live in dry or over moist soil.
  • So, ignore this plant and it will grow by itself.
  • It belongs to the family of philodendron family.
  • It is a very fast growing plant.
  • It has variegated leaves.


8. Jade plants


Jade Plants


  • They are native of South Africa.
  • They are succulents that store water in their round and green leaves.
  • They grow easily.
  • These plants go dormant when do not get the required water.
  • In case they are not getting water, they will rehydrate and grow by themselves.
  • Shallow roots can fall or rot easily.
  • It is known as lucky plant or money tree.
  • It has small pink and white flowers.


9. Begonia


Begonia Flowers Plants


  • These are the ornamental plant that have the colorful bloom.
  • They require very less water.
  • They are available in wide range of colors and patterns.
  • They require very little water in winter.
  • With its beautiful and colorful flowers, make your house filled with colors and sweet aroma.


10. Money tree


Money Tree


  • They are made for indoor.
  • They grow in very less sunlight.
  • They are easy to maintain and don’t require much care.
  • Water them when soil looks dry.
  • You can water money plant once in a week.


11. Bamboo


Bamboo Plants


  • Keep this beautiful plant in clean water and change the water as and when required.
  • They require very little sunlight.
  • It can be placed in office or house.
  • Feng shui recommends to place bamboo in your personals pace to bring good luck.
  • Bring good luck in your house or office with this beautiful bamboo plant.


12. Anthuriums


Anthuriums Flowers Plants


  • This plant have bright red heart shaped blooms.
  • They require very less effort.
  • They require bright and indirect sunlight.
  • Water these plants when the soil becomes dry.
  • The water lasts for a week.
  • They don’t require moist soil and direct sunlight.
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13. Bromeliads


Bromeliads Flowers Plants


  • It belongs to the family of Bromeliaceae family.
  • This plant has a very long life.
  • Produces side shoots that replaces original plant.
  • It grows at the temperature of 70 degree Celsius.
  • Keep the plant away from cold drafts.
  • It grows similar to pineapple.


14. Kalenchoes


Kalenchoes Flowers Plants


  • This plant has bright, beautiful and long lasting flowers.
  • They require little maintenance.
  • It dies when water is given more than the required amount.
  • It grows best in partial sun.
  • It grows well when repotted.
  • It require very less water or nearly no water.
  • Place this plant on your table and start your day with a beautiful smile on your face.


15. Dieffenbachia


Dieffenbachia Flowers Plants


  • Protect its beautiful leaves from sunlight
  • Place it on the side of curtains. It will grow well.


In this busy schedule, you hardly find any time to maintain your garden. These plants require very less time and energy. They are not killed easily.


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