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Top 5 Tips For Maintaining Fresh Cut Flowers For Extended Period

Posted by Ocillious 11th February 2016 0 Comment(s)


Top 5 Tips For Maintaining Fresh Cut Flowers For Extended Period


Flowers are nature’s gift to mankind and obviously, every one of us love to celebrate any of the occasion with flowers. Each one of us has received a gift of a flower bouquet or we have bought it for enhancing the beauty of the home. These fresh blooms are something that we wish to preserve it for a longer time while maintaining its original beauty and glory as well, for longer periods.


Undoubtedly, after a certain period of time, these flowers start drooping and shriveling soon after. For instance, if you are living in London, your well-wishers will surely send roses on several occasions that you may wish to keep it fresh and lively for maximum time as possible. As a result, for this, you need to consider some of the important things for extending the life of the flowers. Let us have a look at those tips that can help in making flowers bloom for a longer time:


The very first thing- Clean the vase: The very first and most important part, to begin with, is cleaning the vase. Prefer glass vase over others as it will add up the beauty of the cut flowers. For cleaning the vase, you need some wire or steel wool and some glass cleaner liquid. you need to dip the steel wool in the cleaner liquid and scrape out the dirt that is being stuck to the inside of the wall of the vase. Clean the outside while rinsing off the cleaner well. Dry the vase with a dry cloth or tissue.


Clean The Vase


Add water and preservatives: The pure and freshwater is quite imperative for maintaining the cut flowers. Fill the water and the preservative, which is a mixture of sugar, acidifier and microorganism inhibitor. As we eliminate the majority of the leaves from the stems, the plants get deficient of necessary nutrients. As a result, the acidifier helps in maintaining the pH level of the water.


Cutting off unwanted leaves and cleaning stems: Before cut flowers are put into the vase, you need to cut off the leaves that are going to be submerged in the water. This is because the leaves will rot into water ultimately spoiling the water due to mold and bacterial growth. Another important thing is cutting the stems the right way and with the right tools. It is advised to use clippers or shears for cutting the stems and unwanted flowers as well. Also, keep in mind that a 45-degree angle cut of the stem ensures more water absorption due to a large available area.


Cutting off unwanted leaves and cleaning stems


Topping up the water: Top up the vase with the water that contains flower preservatives. It is recommended to add water at the accurate levels whenever required as it will help with the fresh blooming of flowers.


Topping up the water


Location within the house: The last and most important tip is to locate the flower vase in the most appropriate area of the house. It is advised to keep the cut flowers at a cool place in the room and away from direct sunlight. Also, they prefer to keep them away from the equipment that radiates or expels the heat and even away from the fans. This is done because it increases the heat around while inducing the water loss.


Location within the house


Besides the above-mentioned tips, you can follow some of the most common tips for keeping flowers fresh for longer times. Those tips are- changing the water of the vase regularly after 2 days, avoid keeping cut flowers close to fruits, don’t ever overcrowd the flowers, trimming off dead flowers regularly and cutting the flowers early in the morning. This is how you can keep the fresh cut flowers last longer.


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