7 Best Flower Gifts for your Grandmother on Her Birthday

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7 Best Flower Gifts for your Grandmother on Her Birthday


Who is that person who single-handedly spoiled and pampered you silly? Supplied you with jams and pickles, shielded you from your parent scolding when you broke that expensive china vase while playing hide and seek in the drawing room? Yes, it is your grandmother. The one person who cannot for the life of her, stand your criticism. The only person, who covered for you on rainy days. So, on your grandmother’s birthday, it is your turn to make her feel special and loved. The best and simplest way to do that is with flowers. Here are a few thoughtful flower gifts you can buy for your grandmother on her birthday.


Flower bouquets




When you think of sending flowers to your grandma on her birthday, the first thing that understandably comes to your mind is bouquets. Birthday flower bouquets for grandmother can be ordered online. Buy her a grand bouquet, something elegant but not tacky. Do not over do with colors. For example a red and yellow rose bouquet is a strict no for your grandma. Softer colors like whites, pinks, etc. are more appropriate when you think online flower gifts. Think of gladioli, Gerbera, white chrysanthemums, lilies, and so on.


Flower arrangements


Innovative flower arrangements for birthdays are quite a rage nowadays. If your grandma is someone who appreciates novelty, she will surely like this one. Creative arrangements designed with flowers, orchids, ferns, twigs, and set on interesting containers and vases, can be very interesting and edgy. These arrangements are available in florists’ online stores.


Floral decorations


Flowers Decoration for Grandma Birthday

Flower decorations for drawing rooms can also be a good birthday gift for grandmas. An arrangement that can be set on the center table in the drawing room or on the coffee table will surely be appreciated by someone like your grandmother who spends most of her time indoors. Living in a room with elegant flowers is a rejuvenating experience, even if that is for a day. Make her day with a beautiful floral indoor decoration.


Flower pots and plants


Flower pots and plants


If your grandma loves gardening, she will love potted flower plants. Flowering plants in full bloom set in little ceramic pots can be placed on the veranda or window sill. If she has a front lawn she can also place those in her own flower patch.


Garden baskets


Garden Baskets


Flower arrangements set in wicker baskets resembling a mini garden are sold online on portals that take orders for sending birthday flowers. Send flowers to your grandma on her birthday in an innovative and interesting manner with a mini flower garden basket.


Freshly cut flowers




A freshly cut bunch of no nonsense flowers is at times all you need to make your grandmother smile. It will allow her to cut them as per her wish and set them in the kind of vases she wants to.


Flower wreaths


Flower wreaths


If your grandma is a religious person, she will like to receive some nice floral wreaths that can be placed at the altar of her prayer room.


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