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Flowers You can Pair with Rose to Make It Perfect Valentine Bouquet

Posted by Ocillious 06th February 2020 0 Comment(s)

Flowers You can Pair with Rose to Make It Perfect Valentine Bouquet


Rose is the most conventional, most affordable and most likely flower of valentine's day. Most people choose to buy roses bouquet to show their affectionate love to their partners. Undoubtedly rose is the classic flower made to show love. But rose bouquet can look extravagantly beautiful by pairing it up with other blooms into this bouquet. We have acknowledged some good information about the best flowers to pair with rose. You can also use your garden flowers to make a beautifully contrasting pair for an eye-catching display.


1) Clematis and Roses


Clematis and Roses


Generally, clematis is paired up with roses. Rose is a long-stemmed flower and short clematis nicely hide those bare stems.  Roses are available in a variety of shades and so they are good to pair and mix up with clematis shades. Small-flowered clematis is fragrant, durable and mixes disease resistant. So it is my humble request to add small-flowered clematis to long-stemmed roses. You can add some greenery inside to give a fuller look to your bouquet. First of all, take roses bunch and slowly add clematis flowers inside this bouquet. You have got the best bouquet to impress a loved one.


2) Pincushions with Roses


Pincushions with Roses


Pincushions are the perfect bouquet companion of red roses for Valentine's day. Pincushions with roses are a harmonious combination that extends the beauty of roses bouquet. Pincushions are available in different shades like pink, lavender, and white. You can choose all three or any single tone, the choice is yours. It is an attractive flower that resembles with pincushion image. A fairly short pincushion image is used to decorate the garden border. Purposely you can use this flower in the center to see the pincushions dancing in the group of roses.

3) Solomio and Rose Flowers Bouquet


Solomio and Rose Flowers Bouquet


Its softer and blushing beauty attracts the bride to handover in arms. yes, it is most probably chosen to add between the roses to make bride bouquet. The subtle beauty of this flower added to romantic flower arrangements. Its delightful round petals very well mix up with garden roses, creamy ivory peony roses, pink bulk spray roses, and assorted long-stemmed roses. So if you are looking to make an overwhelming bouquet solmio and roses flower bouquet is a great deal.

4) Chrysanthemums with Rose


Chrysanthemums with Rose


Chrysanthemum is the best companion of roses. Chrysanthemums added in other flowers bouquet makes a stunning table centerpiece to celebrate happy occasions. Roses and chrysanthemums pairing is the signature flower bouquet for valentine’s day. The small-flowered garden mums nicely pair up with long-stemmed roses. Yellow, orange, lavender and pink mums are the chosen shades used to make an eye-popping display. Mums and roses are the perfect combinations for spreading joy and happiness surroundings.

5) Roses and Carnations


Roses and Carnations


Roses and carnations both are prestigious flowers for decorating important ceremonies like weddings, baby shower, wedding anniversaries and so many others. Both rose and carnation symbolized to show love and fascination. Order roses online, roses and carnations are perfect combinations for making a romantic bouquet. Fancy carnations have different colors but red and pink are one of the favorite colors for sharing happiness. The smooth flowing beauty of roses petals can be easily contrasted with ruffled carnations. When the roses paired up with carnations it gives an appealing beauty to the whole bouquet.


6) Tulips and Rose


Tulips and Rose


Tulips with rose are a royal combination help in asking a question “will you be my valentine”. A garden rose with long-stemmed tulips is a gorgeous combination. Red tulips are one of my favorites but you can also choose pink, yellow, lavender shades. Perfectly arranged tulips with roses look spectacularly romantic. The lovely color and texture of roses and tulips help the roses to become the star of the show. You can fill some empty spaces between roses and tulips with greenery or filler flowers.

7) Roses with Eucalyptus


Roses with Eucalyptus

Roses and Eucalyptus a great combination to allure love ones and buy romantic flowers online. Eucalyptus spiked leaves very well matches with roses bouquet. Eucalyptus leaves have an appealing fragrant that helps in making the mood for romance. Beautifully arranged roses are nicely embellished with eucalyptus leaves. A roses stunning beauty and enticing fragrance of eucalyptus leaves make this bouquet a wow bouquet of V-day.


We have summarized all types of ideas of the pairing of flowers with roses. A rose is but the natural flower of love but you can replace the beauty of roses to the excellent bouquet by using ideas of flower arrangement for Valentine's day listed above. No worries you are bored with the same roses bouquet, you can try to make some good pairings using different types of flowers in the middle of roses. They are the perfect matches for roses to confess your love, go for it.


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